Amazonite Jewelry

Amazonite Jewelry

Shop soothing amazonite jewelry from JTV. Stunning pieces of polished amazonite set in sterling silver belong in your jewelry collection.

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Gemstone Information

Blue-green specimens of microline are called amazon stone or amazonite, named for its supposed discovery location near the Amazon River. Amazonite that is used in jewelry is generally cut into cabochons. Gem-quality amazonite is found in the Ilmen and Ural Mountains of Russia, the Pikes Peak district of Colorado and in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

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Amazonite, also known as “Amazon stone” or inaccurately called “Amazon Jade”, is a gemstone that has been praised in jewelry for thousands of years. Because of its hardness of 6 to 6.5, which is softer than many gemstones on the market, amazonite can be carved into unique cabochons and beads to be featured in jewelry. This silicate is opaque with a pearly luster and can occasionally have white mottling in the stone, giving it a rough, rustic texture.

Is amazonite jade?

Amazonite jewelry has been sold as “amazon jade” but this name does not accurately represent the gemstone. Amazonite and jade are two distinct gemstones and are not the same. While these jewelry pieces might share similar coloration, ranging from green, blue and a mixture of both colors, these gemstones are quite different, especially when featured in jewelry.

What are the properties of amazonite?

Because of its relative softness in the world of gemstones, amazonite jewelry is safest in protective jewelry settings that prevent it from being chipped or scratched. When caring for amazonite jewelry, it’s best to avoid ultrasound or steam jewelry cleaners. Instead, cleaning your amazonite jewelry with mild detergent mixed in warm water and scrubbed gently with a soft brush will keep it looking as good as new.

Amazonite has come to popularity lately for its supposed spiritual properties. Associated with soothing and calm, amazonite jewelry is often worn to stimulate certain chakras and is believed to give the wearer confidence to speak well and the ability to open their heart to love.

Used for at least two thousand years, amazonite jewelry has a rich history. Egyptians featured amazonite prominently in their jewelry, believing it to instill confidence. It is generally agreed that amazonite was the third gemstone featured in the biblical breastplate of Aaron.

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Interested in the rich history amazonite jewelry has to offer your sense of style? Shop JTV’s amazonite jewelry for great deals on this breathtaking blue-green gemstone in jewelry settings that set it apart as the one-of-a-kind gemstone it is.