Strontium Titanate Gemstones

Discover stunning beauty with strontium titanate gemstones. In the light, these stones flash radiant colors that dazzle onlookers. Get your sparkle today!

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Gemstone Information
Strontium Titanate

As its name implies strontium titanate, also known as Fabulite, is an oxide combination of strontium and titanium that was originally created as a diamond simulant. However, Fabulite gems are easy to distinguish from diamonds, as their high dispersion and considerably lower hardness are dead giveaways. For the most part, this jewel fell into obscurity when the hugely popular cubic zirconia (CZ) entered the market in the 1970's. While strontium titanate was originally believed to only be available via laboratory creation, it was discovered in natural form in the 1980's in Siberia and named tausonite in honor of a Russian geochemist. However, there was one problem with the crystals--they were SO small that they couldn't be cut into gems!

Loose Strontium Titanate Stones

Experience a montage of mesmerizing colors when you shop strontium titanate gemstones at JTV. Strontium titanate is lustrous like a diamond, and under the light, it flashes incredible colors that are truly stunning. Brighten up your day with our strontium titanate gemstones from JTV.

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