Rhodochrosite Gemstones

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Gemstone Information

One of nature's more exotic treasures, rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate that gets its name from two Greek words: "rhodon," meaning rose and "chros," meaning color. A fitting name indeed as its finest colors range from very pale pink, pale to deep orangey red. Yellow to brown crystals are also known. Rhodochrosite comes in Trans parent, semi-translucent and opaque varieties. Semi-translucent to opaque rhodochrosite is often carved or cut en cabochon and typically displays "bacon strip" or "bull's eye" patterns.

Loose Rhodochrosite Stones

Also known as the Inca Rose, the ancient Incas believed rhodochrosite to be the blood of past kings and queens. In addition to its stunning physical beauty, rhodochrosite helps inspire love and inner peace. It's no wonder why rhodochrosite is associated with royalty: Shop JTV rhodochrosite gemstones today.

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