How to Style Jewelry for the Summer

The best season of the year is finally here. Summer is in full effect and so are the summertime jewelry trends! From layered gold looks to turquoise favorites, we have all of your favorite summer styles at JTV.


One of our favorite summer styles is turquoise. The beautiful blue color is the perfect hue for warm days! The Southwest Style collection is a great place to start when looking for your next turquoise piece. Pair two stunning turquoise necklaces with a pair of turquoise statement earrings and you have yourself this gorgeous look! 

A dark curly haired woman wearing a pink shirt showing large turquoise earrings and wearing two turquoise beaded necklaces.
Turquoise Jewelry Set

Layered Looks

This first look is a delicate, layered gold look. Starting the look off are these yellow gold hoop earrings that will add a splash to any outfit. The layered necklaces include a Bella Luce yellow gold pendant, two white diamond yellow gold necklaces, and lastly a Bella Luce white zirconia simple necklace. This look is simple and stunning, perfect for any day in the sun! 

A blonde haired woman wearing a yellow, white and blue tank top showcasing several dainty gold chain style necklaces, gold hoop earrings, and smiling at the camera.
Layered Gold Look

Pearl and Artisan of Bali Jewelry

Our next look is a unique layered pearl look! Start by layering a white, bulky, short pearl necklace with athinner, longer white pearl strand. Then add alavender pearl necklace to add some color, and finish off the look with some bold, sparkly studs!

Next up, Artisan of Bali! Dreaming of laying under beautiful palm trees in Bali? This jewelry collection is reflective of the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Bali blended with contemporary, fresh designs. This silver statement necklace that is called "Increase Power of the Weak" bib necklace will make you feel confident and powerful, ready to take on any summer day.

A brown haired woman wearing a pink shirt and three pearl strand necklaces, two white pearls and one with pink pearls.
Layered Pink and White Pearls

Off Park and Park Avenue

Add some bright and bold to your style with some of our favorite whimsical pieces. With brands like Off Park and Park Avenue collection you can create a look that is completely your own. Why not make a statement with a tiger broach or flower bracelet? Nothing says bright like a colorful array of gemstones. Each piece is crafted with exquisite detail and will make a great addition to your collection. Go ahead, put a bit more personality and sparkle in your life!

A collage of two photos. The left is a woman wearing several tanzanite pieces of jewelry including rings and bracelets on each wrist, holding a white purse. The right is the same woman wearing tanzanite bracelets and a tanzanite beaded necklace.
Tanzanite Jewelry Set


Be BOLD in tanzanite jewelry this summer! In our timeless tanzanite jewelry collection, you can find anything from elegant and simple to bright and bold! Take your look and make it glamorous with a tanzanite bead silver necklace, and pair it with a tanzanite bracelet. As stacking jewelry is one of most customizable styles, try pairing a tanzanite three-stone ring with the opal ring.

We are so happy that summer is finally here and we get to show off our beautiful summer styles! Now is the time to relax, play around with your favorite pieces, and create your own summer styles with a little help from JTV!