Out with the old, in the new! Looking to add a touch of color and a dash of fun to your wardrobe? JTV's Southwest Style collection is here to help! Whether you love the opaque turquoise hues or pops of pink, you're guaranteed to find something you'll love with these new designs!

Turquoise Necklaces and Rings

Mixing statement along with intricate pieces of jewelry is a trend we love! A silver necklace with a turquoise pendant is the perfect way to add a refreshingly bold twist to your summer outfit (both day or night, of course). Tie the look together with a sterling silver turquoise bangle bracelet, and your good to go!

Turquoise Bracelets and Rings

Accessorizing is our specialty and with Southwest Style it's easy! For this look we added a belted bangle and a turquoise bangle with elaborate silver detailing. To tie the look together, we added a bold, turquoise ring. Turquoise and more turquoise is the perfect tie in to that southern style. 

Bold Necklaces

Bold necklaces are a must this summer – a statement piece that is the center of attention. Rich reds and brilliant blues are perfect for any occasion. A sterling silver turquoise collar necklace strikes the perfect balance of chic and cool. Looking for something a bit more coral-ful? A red sponge coral necklace with silver accents will do just the trick.                 

This is a close up photo of two pieces, a pendant and a bangle. The pendant is a circular, sterling silver, turquoise pendant with silver sun and moon detailing on the sides on a silver chain. The second photo is a sterling silver bangle with turquoise stones and silver detailing.
Turquoise Silver Sun and Moon Pendant with a Silver Turquoise Ring


We're looking pretty in pink this summer with these festive pieces! A rhodochrosite bangle is one of our favorite summer necessities. Paired with a sterling silver belt band ring, and a matching rhodochrosite ring, this trio will have you thinking pink!

Have we mentioned how much we love rhodochrosite? An intricate, sterling silver necklace with rhodochrosite accents adds an adventurous twist to any ensemble.

Leather Jewelry

Leather jewelry is a trend we are loving this summer. Add a hint of turquoise and sterling silver, and you've got yourself the perfect summer bracelet! Accent your look with a one-of-a-kind rhodochrosite necklace and matching bracelet, and let your inner boho shine!

Leather is a classic look. Black or brown leather pairs beautifully with neutral colors. It is the perfect pop to any photo you take! If you want, add a matching hat that goes with the leather in your jewelry.

This is a product shot of a sterling silver necklace with pink, rhodochrosite stones hanging from the bottom.
Rhodochrosite Silver Necklace
This is a lifestyle photo of a model wearing two bracelets and a necklace. The necklace is a unique, rhodochrosite necklace with a matching bracelet. The second bracelet is a leather bracelet with a turquoise stone in the center, surrounded by silver detailing.
Leather Bracelet with Turquoise Pendant

These additions to the Southwest Style Collection make accessorizing exciting and affordable! So whether you're looking for a bold, eye-catching piece or something simple and chic, you're sure to find something you love!