JTV’s Pacific Style Jewelry certainly deserves a place in the sun as a celebration of the earth’s natural beauty. The vibrant colors and whimsical motifs, crafted with the utmost attention to detail, will transport you to the beachside regardless of where you live.

Hear from the designer herself, Nancy Ping, as she discusses the personal significance that she attaches to her collection:

I'm Nancy Ping, and I've been blessed to be a part of the jewelry industry for most of my adult life. Some of the memorable pieces that I have created have been for clients seeking an exclusive treasure that only they could possess. That's why being part of Pacific Style, for me, is like coming full circle.

A silver flower ring sitting in a pile of flower petals
Featuring: Pacific Style Jewelry by JTV

Mother of Pearl Pacific Style Jewelry

Pacific Style is so much more than jewelry to me. As a designer, I see beauty all around, and the gifts that mother nature gives to us are the best.

Exotic mother of pearl in natural colors of glistening white, glowing silver, magical ebony, and the vibrant abalone shell, just to name a few, are all showcased in this collection.

A mother of pearl mosaic bracelet
Featuring: Pacific Style Jewelry by JTV

Jadeite Pacific Style Jewelry

Genuine jadeite is also one of my all-time favorites, and I get to share not only the artistry but also all of its rich history and lore. We have such a cool variety in Pacific Style, and we're always changing the line to keep it unique. You'll just have to see for yourself.

A silver jadeite ring
Featuring: Pacific Style Jewelry by JTV

One of the many reasons this jewelry collection means so much to me is that there's a story in each piece. I love creating pieces that are timeless wearable heirlooms that embody peace, love, and happiness. These thoughts and prayers are what I have for my own loved ones, and by weaving the sentiment into fine jewelry, I know they'll be lovingly passed down from generation to generation.

– Nancy Ping

Frequently Asked Questions About Pacific Style Jewelry

What is Pacific Style Jewelry?

Pacific Style Jewelry is a collection from JTV by designer Nancy Ping. It is built around the natural beauty of the stones and motifs seen around the Pacific Islands.

What is the different between pearl and mother of pearl?

Pearls form inside mollusks when an irritant enters and the mollusk secretes a substance called nacre to protect itself. The nacre that coats the irritant eventually takes on the spherical shape of a pearl. Mother of pearl is the flat, protective layer of nacre on the inner shell of mollusks that exists regardless of the presence of irritants. 

What is jadeite?

Jadeite and nephrite are both referred to under the umbrella term of “jade.” Jadeite is the more rare and tough variety in comparison to the opaque green variety we typically call “jade” (which is in fact nephrite). 

Erin McIntyre

Pacific Style reminds Erin of beach vacations, which are some of her favorite travel memories. 

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