Add Orange to your Wardrobe with Orange Gemstones

Orange is meant to be a happy and bold color. It represents joy, creativity, and even enthusiasm. When looking for an orange piece, you definitely want to find one that is all about YOU! Spark your own creativity by learning all about some orange jewelry and how to style them.

Orange Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic zirconia is usually a little bit of a deeper orange but still has some brightness to it. Cubic zirconia is beautiful when laid in silver. It is extremely popular in earrings, rings, and necklaces. 

Orange Garnet

Orange garnet is bold and bright. It make for a beautiful piece on gold or silver. Orange garnet is often loose or in a ring, no matter the metal type. Garnet very much resembles bright and sunny days, making it a very happy color to go out and about in.

Orange Quartz

Orange quartz is truly so versatile. It is so vast that even citrine can be thought of as an orange quartz. Since its coloring varies, orange quartz pretty much pairs with anything. It can come with very dark undertones (as pictured) or can be as bright as garnet!     

This photo is a collage of close-ups of Carnelian Mixed Shape Parcel. A ring, necklace, and stud earrings are shown.
Orange and White Cubic Zirconia Set
This photo is a collage of three close-ups of the Artisan Collection of Turkey Oval Orange Quartz Sterling Silver Ring, Orange Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant, and Orange Quartz Sterling Silver Bracelet.
Orange Quartz Set

Orange Gemstones

Not only does JTV offer beautiful orange jewelry, but we also have stunning orange gemstones worthy of any gemstone collection! Both gemstones featured here are from China but they have very different qualities. The first gemstone is spessartite, which is a type of garnet. The second gemstone is a smokey quartz with spessartite as well. Orange is a wonderful color to add to your gemstone collection, and an even better color to start one with.

Styling Orange Jewelry

Orange jewelry probably seems difficult to style. It is not at all! Orange jewelry pairs beautifully with any neutral color really. The best thing to pair orange with is black or white. 

Orange should be a statement piece! Since it is so bright and beautiful, an orange necklace on top of a solid color top is the way to go. Orange earrings are usually an attention grabber and look great up against solid colored hair.

If you are looking for that deeper, darker colored orange, you can pair that with a lot more. It would look nice with an army green or deep purple.

Adding orange jewelry to your daily look or adding a new orange specimen to your collection is a great way to get into the fall spirit!

– Allie

Orange Pendant Necklace
Orange Pendant Necklace