When you travel, it’s nice to know you can take the jewelry you love with you without it getting tangled, tarnished or scuffed in transit. And while there are certainly jewelry pieces that are versatile travel items or worthwhile replacements, sometimes there’s no replacement for a time-honored necklace pendant or that bracelet given to you by your grandmother. 

Instead of leaving your favorite jewelry items at home, here’s a few tips on how to travel with jewelry for your next trip. And, if you’re not convinced that bringing your jewelry with you is the best idea, read through our list of must-have versatile jewelry essentials so that you don’t have to take a trip without any bling to help you shine bright. 

Top Four Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

1) Buy a Jewelry Travel Box

Make sure to bring a jewelry case with lots of compartments to keep your jewelry safe and neatly tucked away for the duration of your traveling journey. Protect your valuables and choose the perfect jewelry storage option for your jewelry box.

There are a lot of different things to consider when choosing a jewelry box. How much jewelry do you plan on traveling with? Do you need something that saves on space, or do you not mind the extra space if it means your jewelry extra safe? 

Jewelry travel boxes are among the most secure option. These cases typically have sturdy edges with padding on the outside and inside to protect jewelry, as well as individual sections to keep jewelry from bumping against other pieces in transit. Jewelry travel boxes can vary in size but travel boxes from JTV are tailored with style in mind along with size and functionality. 

Jewelry rolls and pouches are great for storing jewelry inside a carry-on suitcase. Generally, these types of travel bags will have slightly less storage but that’s no problem if you travel light with jewelry already! Whether you choose a jewelry box, roll or pouch, many of the jewelry travel cases at JTV have a mirror included which makes wardrobe changes on the road quick and painless!

2 - Use Household Items to Secure Jewelry

Want an extra layer of security to protect your jewelry? Here’s a list of household items that will help you protect your jewelry in transit:

  • Straws- Worried about your necklaces tangling when you travel? Using plastic straws to separate necklace chains is an affordable way to avoid tangling several necklace chains. After unfastening the clasp, feed one end of the chain through the straw then refasten the clasp. Do this process with every necklace you plan to bring to prevent your necklaces from tangling. 
  • Cotton balls- Use cotton balls to add additional padding and protection to your jewelry. Whether or not you have a jewelry box, cotton balls can give you piece of mind about your jewelry being safe. Cotton balls are non-abrasive where many other padding substances might not be and could scratch your jewelry. 
  • Ziploc bags- If you want to keep necklaces from tangling or just to separate out your jewelry, Ziploc bags are an inexpensive way to ensure that everything has its place. Simply seal up each jewelry item in its own bag and tuck the jewelry into a padded container such as a makeup bag. Label the bags and you’ll be able to know as you’re checking out whether you have everything you brought along!
  • Pill boxes- Pill boxes are perfect for storing jewelry individually if you want to carry it inside a purse for a quick jewelry change on the go! Or use a weekly pill box to coordinate your jewelry ensemble for every day of your trip. We recommend padding the inside of the pill boxes with cotton balls for added protection. 

3 - Bring Along a Quick Cleaning Kit

When you’re on the road, you might not have all the cleaning and care supplies that you need to keep your jewelry shining. It’s important for some formal events like weddings, celebrations or even job interviews to have clean, brilliant jewelry and thankfully, JTV has several cleaning kits that will fit nicely into your travel gear.

Shop JTV’s jewelry cleaning equipment to prepare for whatever life throws your way.

4 - When in Doubt, Leave it Back at Home

Afraid of losing your prized wedding band or favorite pair of studs during the hustle and bustle of traveling? Shop for alternative jewelry to dedicate to traveling. Consider options that create a sparkling look for less and leave your diamonds at home. Shop affordable cubic zirconia, stacking sets and more. 

Versatile Travel Jewelry for Your Collection

When you travel, it’s great to have versatile jewelry pieces to minimize your packing while maximizing your style. From adjustable necklaces and extenders to interchangeable charms and packing accessories, follow along for the best and brightest jewelry travel tips and products.


Finding the perfect pair of earrings that go with every look is quite the task. The solution: your trusty hoops and a complementary pair of studs. Whether you are going out to an upscale restaurant, or just relaxing with friends and family, these versatile pieces pair perfectly with just about any outfit. 


You can never go wrong with a watch in your suitcase. Classic, functional and timeless, watches are a great jewelry piece that travel well! Wear it on your wrist or pack it away during travel, check out the stylish collection of gemstone watches, classic analog leather watches, men’s and women’s


You may want to take all of your favorites with you, but if you're running out of space, just make room for two essential necklaces. Bring a simple pendant or chain necklace and a more glamorous necklace to go with any occasion. Or, even layer them for a more luxurious effect.

Pack an extender to wear several necklaces at once or change the length of your favorite chains with ease.


Here’s a summary of the best travel tips for jewelry. 

  • Buy a jewelry travel box.
  • Bring along a quick cleaning kit.
  • Use household items to secure jewelry. 
  • When in doubt, leave it at home. 
  • Put together a set of versatile travel jewelry.