It’s that time of year again! Time to celebrate the biggest jewelry and gemstone event of the season. From emeralds to tanzanites, this occasion is all about celebrating the world of colorful gems. So to celebrate our longest-running event, we’ve decided to touch on some of our favorite jewelry styles in captivating colors – all at sensational savings!

Gorgeously Green

With this look, it's go green or go home! No matter the time of year, green jewelry is sure to be fresh and put a spring in your step. Radiate natural, positive, and nurturing energy with something glamorously green.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life with this relaxing and revitalizing statement look. You deserve an evergreen reminder of your strength, style, and spirit.

By incorporating gems like emerald, aquamarine, and green lab spinel, you can add that perfect pop of color to bring out your inner green goddess.

A model is shown wearing bright blue and silver jewelry.

Say Yes to Yellow

Who can resist the bright, bold hues of yellow jewelry? A personal favorite of mine, yellow is one of the best ways to add a little pep to your step! And yellow's warm and vivid hues are sure to add a pop of positivity to your wardrobe. Radiate joy and energy with some stellar sunshine styles. 

For your next look, try adding some yellow quartz, apatite, or yellow citrine for some summer fun all year round. These pieces will help your sunny smile shine even brighter. If you love the yellow look, you should also explore its mellow fellow color friend, orange!

A model is pictured wearing a collection of bright yellow jewelry.

A Pop of Pink

Pretty in pink is our motto for this look! From bright and bold to soft and sweet, the pink jewelry potential is endless. Discover fuchsia and other deep pinks to make a show stopping statement moment. Embrace blush for a classically romantic style. Whichever hues you choose, your pink pieces are sure to shine and bring a warm undertone to your ensemble.

With a little help from Bella Luce, it’s easy to add a hint of pink to any outfit. Mix and match some pink cubic zirconia pieces and accent with rose gold jewelry to create a look that’s sure to impress. You can also explore stunning pink sapphire and ruby looks.

A collage of a model wearing a collection of vibrant pink jewelry is shown.

Picture Perfect in Purple

Purple, typically associated with luxe and royalty, is the ultimate show-stopper. With shades ranging from plum to lavender, this versatile color is a great look for all occasions.

You can have the best of both worlds. With red and blue undertones, purple can add a touch of both warmth and cooling. This makes purple accentuate and complement the other colors in your collection, making it an easy addition to your wardrobe.

So, this year, try adding amethyst, rhodolite, or purple opal to your gem collection.

A model is pictured wearing an assortment of purple gemstone rings.

Beautifully Blue

Don’t be blue! With this color, there’s nothing to be sad about. Turquoise is no doubt one of our favorite summer shades. This tranquil and timeless blue hue is a breath of fresh air. Channel calming and relaxing energy with this stunning style.

Discover all the captivating colors potential of turquoise, and then, start shaking things up this season. Treat yourself to big and beachy turquoise styles. For your next purchase, try a turquoise statement piece for a modern twist on a classic stone.


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A collage of a model wearing bright blue jewelry is shown.