Jewelry shopping can be a lot of fun. But without the right information, it can also be pretty frustrating. If you aren't sure what options are out there and what your sizes are, it can be hard to pick the right products.The last thing you want is for that special piece you searched for and fell in love with to arrive and not fit just right.

To help you save time and get the perfect picks the first time, we've put together just about all the sizing resources you may need. Browse our educational resources below, conviently available in printable documents that you can keep handy when shopping online with Jewelry Television.


From engagement to statement pieces, there are so many different kinds of rings. Whatever the occassion at hand, there are two big things you'll want to think about while ring shopping -- your ring size and your setting preferences. 

Your ring size refers to the size of or distance around your finger. This means it's important to keep in mind which finger you'll be wearing your ring on. Some of your fingers may have different ring sizes.If you're not sure what your ring size is, you can print out the ring sizer document below to measure your finger.

A ring setting is the shape and style of the band that goes around your finger and holds the gemstone. Knowing which settings you like can help you narrow down your search. You can explore different ring settings in the document below.

Four silver rings with purple centerpieces are shown.


With traditional earrings, there's no need to worry about sizing! You should be able to comfortably wear just about any pair you want. However, there are a few other things you should consider while earring shopping.  

There are lots of different styles of earrings to choose from. While any pair will work with your piercing, you may want to think about how large or small you want your style to be. Do you want large hoops or small hoops? Large studs or small studs? You may find that different sizes look and feel different.

You should also consider what style of closure you're looking for. There are a variety of earring backings and clasps you can choose from. They'll all keep your piece secure, but you may find that some styles are more convenient or comfortable for you personally. 

You can see detailed illustrations of some of the most common earring types and earring backs in the document linked below

Three different styles of earrings are shown propped against a white background.


Similar to earrings, necklace sizing is more about style than fit. You should be able to wear any necklace length comfortably, but it can be helpful to get an idea of what different legnths look like.You may prefer a certain length in general, or you may decide to wear different lengths for different occassions. 

If you have a necklace you really like already, you can always measure it to find out its length. For a general idea of what different necklace lenghts look like, you can refer to the document linked below. You can also always use a measuring tape or measured length of string to see exactly where a certain length would fall on you.

A model is shown wearing multiple necklaces in different lengths.


A clasp is a type of closure that you may find on necklaces or bracelets. This is a feature you'll definitely want to keep in mind as you shop for jewelry. Just like earring backings, all of these clasp styles will keep your jewelry secured, but some may be easier or more comfortable for you.

If you do have a condition like arthritis or unsteadiness or if you have difficulty with fine motor movements, you may want to consider toggle or box clasps. You can also use a magnetic clasp to make jewelry with other closure styles easier for you to use. 

You can see different common clasp styles in the linked document below.

A photo is shown with a close up on a gold clasp against a white background.