“But, they already seem to have everything. I have no idea what to get them.” There’s no need to worry about these dreaded phrases coming up this holiday season when there are jewelry gifts for every style. Jewelry is one of the most versatile holiday gifts out there, so with JTV’s 2023 guide to Christmas jewelry gifts, you’ll never be short on ideas.

Jewelry Gifts for Women

For Wife

Jewelry for your wife can be timeless like your love or unique like her. There are endless meanings you can convey depending on the piece you choose, whether you want to reaffirm your affection or reflect your long and devoted relationship. If you know her style well enough, you may even want to add some spice to your holiday with a statement piece.

  • 3-Stone Rings: The 3-stone ring design symbolizes the story of a couple’s past, present and future and reflects fidelity.
  • Tennis Jewelry: Tennis bracelets and tennis necklaces have been adored for decades as timelessly stylish accessories that go with everything. They are a staple piece in any sophisticated woman’s jewelry box.
  • Emerald Jewelry: Not only is emerald jewelry in vogue this year, but the stone also has a great deal of symbolism attached to it that would make a particularly meaningful gift. Emerald is known as the stone of eternal, successful and unconditional love, as well as truth and patience - All qualities of a good marriage.
Six tennis bracelets side-by-side in different jewel tones
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A three-stone tanzanite ring
Featuring: Tanzanite Jewelry by JTV

For Fiancee

Whether the two of you are already looking forward to spending the rest of your holidays together or you’re thinking about popping the question, jewelry is a great gift for your fiancee. Find exciting pieces that reflect this exciting time in your life, or opt for something minimal and versatile that she can wear throughout all of your future adventures together. 

  • Engagement Rings: There is perhaps nothing more romantic than a Christmastime proposal, and for that you need an engagement ring
  • Silver Jewelry: Silver jewelry is made of a durable and versatile metal that she will wear for years to come. It also complements the frosty holiday weather and winter jewel tones.
A silver opal ring with a variety of other white and blue stones
Featuring: Silver Jewelry by JTV

For Girlfriend

Jewelry is a smart Christmas gift choice for your girlfriend. If you’ve not been dating very long and aren’t sure yet about her style, we have plenty of simple yet delicately beautiful pieces that are always a safe choice. Jewelry is also ideal for communicating that you want to take your relationship to a more serious level.

  • Heart Jewelry: Heart-shaped gems and metalwork are a cute, symbolic way to communicate that she’s special and you care for her. 
  • Promise Rings: If you want to show the world that the two of you are exclusive and committed, promise rings are a touching and elegant way to do so.
A gold and diamond heart pendant necklace
Featuring: Heart Jewelry by JTV

For Mom

Jewelry is also a heartfelt and dazzling gift to give to the most important woman in your life. Show your appreciation for everything your mom does with accessories that are as timeless and long-lasting as her unconditional love.

  • Inspirational Jewelry: The motifs of inspirational jewelry, whether you choose a cross, angel wings, a moving quote or a tribute to your ancestral roots, make for an equally beautiful and profound gift.  
  • Heart Jewelry: Heart jewelry communicates a sweet message that she can’t miss. It is subtle and versatile enough for every occasion year-round. 
A pair of rose gold rose quartz claddagh earrings
Featuring: Artisans of Ireland Jewelry

For Best Friend

Best friends are some of the most important - yet overlooked - relationships in our lives. The gift of jewelry can show your love and appreciation for those people who have shared the ups and downs of life with you. Every friendship is unique and has its own fun memories and inside jokes, and you can choose jewelry to fit and symbolize these things, making for a truly meaningful gift. 

  • Locket Necklaces: Lockets are especially ideal for long-distance friendships. Whenever you miss your bestie, it’s like they’re right there with you. 
  • Knot Jewelry: The knot jewelry motif is a popular symbol of friendship, representing unbreakable unity and strength. 
  • Charm Jewelry: Charm jewelry makes an especially meaningful gift because of the endless potential for personalization - no two pieces of jewelry are alike. You can choose charms that symbolize your friend’s favorite things or memories and inside jokes you share.
Two female friends sitting on a couch making a heart symbol with their hands
Featuring: Pearl Jewelry by JTV
A pair of silver knot-shaped stud earrings with red ornaments and ribbon in the background
Featuring: Bella Luce Jewelry by JTV

Jewelry Gifts for Men

Whether he wants to change up his look or it seems like he already has everything, men’s jewelry is a symbol of your affection that the man in your life can take with him wherever he goes. Show your appreciation for who he is and what he does by gifting exquisitely crafted jewelry for Christmas. 

  • Men’s Rings: In the same way that women’s rings do, rings for men can convey devotion, renew your declaration of love, reflect power and status or commemorate their birth month. 
  • Men’s Watches: Every man needs a nice watch. We sell men’s watches that are durable enough to go with him everywhere, will coordinate with every outfit, and help him keep track of his busy days. 
  • Sports Jewelry: If he’s proud to show off his favorite sports team, we carry an assortment of NFL, NHL and MLB accessories in our Team Store that he’ll enjoy wearing during every game and beyond. 
A black men's watch with a circle dial and gold trim
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A gold men's ring with a row of diamonds on it
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Jewelry Gifts for Children

Every child has a number of events to go to, from school dances to parties, holiday gatherings, graduations and other various life milestones. With the Christmas gift of jewelry, you can help them to look and be their best selves and always remind them they are loved. 

  • Charm Jewelry: Children will enjoy the fun of picking out or receiving new charms to add to their charm jewelry, whether you choose a necklace or bracelet. 
  • Earrings: If your child just got their ears pierced, they are probably excited to start wearing a variety of different earrings. Add to their collection with some cute florals or versatile solid-color studs.
  • Animal-Themed Jewelry: Every child has a favorite animal. Appeal to their interests and reflect their wild and carefree outlook with our colorful and sparkling animal jewelry items. 
A silver and gold charm bracelet
Featuring: Charm Jewelry by JTV

Jewelry Gifts for Anyone

Personalized Jewelry

For any of the people above, or that person in your life who may not fall under any of the previous categories, personalized jewelry is a gift that will be appreciated. It is especially thoughtful; it says to the recipient that they’re one-of-a-kind and hold a uniquely special place in your heart. 

The most loved personalized jewelry gifts include:

  • Birthstone Jewelry: Commemorate the month that your loved one came into the world with birthstone jewelry.
  • Engraved Jewelry: Deliver a message that is totally your own for the most heartfelt gift that can only come from you.
A trio of gold-plated birthstone rings with different shapes, cuts and colors
Featuring: Birthstone Jewelry by JTV

Jewelry Gifting Tips

Jewelry can be one of the most long-lasting and significant gifts you can give. To make sure that your gift will be truly appreciated and put to use, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind. 

A woman wearing a gold ring on each finger and two gold bracelets
Featuring: Gold Jewelry by JTV

Some jewelry is very dependent on sizing. With items like necklaces, the sizing typically does not have to be exact to fit. Instead, it depends primarily on the receiver’s style preference. On the other hand, rings need to be a very specific size - otherwise they will get stuck or fall off. If you’re considering gifting a ring, or even a bracelet, make sure you have a very close, if not exact idea of the recipient’s ring size. 

Another factor to be mindful of when shopping for jewelry is allergies. It is possible to be allergic to any metal, but most people with a metal allergy have reactions to nickel and cobalt. These are the usual suspects to look for when your finger turns green or your earrings make you itch. If your jewelry gift irritates your loved one’s skin, they probably won’t want to wear it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Jewelry Gifts

Is jewelry a good Christmas gift?

Yes, jewelry can be a great Christmas gift for many of the people that you care about, from spouses to dating partners, friends, parents and children. Not only is the color and sparkle beautiful to look at, but you can choose something that has meaning for the recipient in the context of your relationship. 

Is jewelry an intimate gift?

Yes, jewelry can be an intimate gift if you pick out something that has a special meaning or communicates a personal message.

Is jewelry an appropriate gift?

Jewelry is an appropriate gift for people whom you are close to and know well. However, be careful not to be too extravagant with friends or people you’ve just started dating. In these cases, it’s best to gift a simpler and less expensive piece and avoid potential misunderstandings.

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