Yellow Jewelry

What feelings does yellow invoke? Happiness, warmth, positivity, clarity? If you're one of the bold individuals who feels fresh when you flaunt the color yellow, we admire your style! Some people shy away from this full-of-personality hue, but a world without yellow wouldn't be as bright and happy. Let's take a look at some of our favorite yellow gemstones and jewelry, perfect for putting that extra pep in your step.

Minimalist citrine necklace with citrine and diamond accented ring set atop a glass/crystal surface.


Yellow is the kind of color that can't help but stand out. Easily add a pop of style with something on the minimal side, or go the flashier route with something bigger and brighter. Citirine can do it all. 

A yellow and golden variety of quartz, citrine gets its name from the French word citron, meaning lemon. Most citrine on the market today is heat treated quartz and amethyst, which get their golden hues from their iron content. Its a very wearable stone, with a hardess of seven, making it the perfect stone for daily wear. 


Maybe you've started collecting gemstones, but you're having trouble picking out that all-important yellow stone to round out your rainbow. Citrine is a popular choice like the gems in this ring and bracelet. But you could also go for a lesser-known option: sphene! 

Sphene spans the yellow-green color spectrum, making it the perfect summer addition to any look. Though it may look as lusturous as a diamond, sphene is a soft stone that is vulnerable to scratching, so wear it with care.

Edgy citrine bracelet, rectangular citrine and silver ring, and loose citrine gemstone, three photos collaged together.
Amber and silver climber earrings laid next to a matching citrine bracelet and ring pair on blue fabric.


Amber is one of our favorite (sometimes) yellow gemstones is organic. Amber is fossilized tree resin from millions and millions of years ago, and the way it catches the light just makes us swoon. With each piece so full of character and history, it's hard not to love! 

Amber ranges from pale yellows to deep oranges and the occasional green, red or blue. Amber's signifying characteristic is it's smokey swirls, giving a mysterious, unique beauty to every stone. Because it is fossilized tree resin, amber is a very soft stone that is best worn in a protected setting to ensure its safety. 


Let's talk warm and inviting gold. Gold jewelry is fabulous on its own because it is so easy to mix and match. You can never have enough of it! These pieces feel classic and luxurious, but also affordable because of the sheer variety on the market. You can dress it up for a fancy night out, or wear them as an every day piece. 

Give it a go, and add some yellow to your jewelry box. You'll see it instantly makes everything a little bit brighter. See what JTV has to offer, and explore our other blogs for more trends, style inspiration and jewelry information.


Yellow beryl cross pendant with gold over silver chain, laid flat next to three upright gold, citrine rings in a row.