Cue the sound of crunching leaves, chilly nights, and pumpkin spice everything. Fall is here, and we’re back to get in on the best and brightest fall trends. We’re focused on jewel tones and statement pieces that are perfect additions for the new season to transition you from warm to cool, right into winter.

Jewel Tones for Fall

The coolness of fall deserves a companion: jewel tones. Jewel tones are the variations of red, green, blue, purple and yellow that keep to deeper, saturated shades. They are derived from precious gemstones like ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst, giving them their name. These darker hues bring about a cool undertone to any look, giving way to the bite of autumn air and emulating the darker shades of fall foliage. 

Check out this jewel toned ring set and these jewel toned pendant necklaces. These shades remind us of cool fall mornings that beg for a cozy blanket. Gorgeous when worn layered as a set, or simple and subtle when worn alone, these are great transition pieces that will help you cool down your summer florals.

Another fall tone to keep an eye on this season is turquoise. The variation in blue-green hues that turquoise gems offer is incredible. Pair a vibrant teal turquoise pendant with a cozy sweater to make a fall statement, or a subdued light green cuff bracelet to add a little simplicity to your look. The warm undertone of this cool blue makes it as versatile as it is beautiful. 

Three rings, green, red, and yellow, in a stack photographed with a fall leaf.
Five necklaces with gemstone pendants, purple, pink, green, yellow and blue.

Fall in Love with these Fall Jewelry Trends

Try a hoop statement earring that screams fall with earth tones and a gorgeous beige mix. This season is all about natural colors, and these earrings fit the bill. With shimmery accents that add a little sparkle, these earrings are sure to make the perfect pairing to any cozy outfit you decide to wear.

Instead of stacking several pieces, opt for subdued style this fall with cuff bracelets. There are so many styles to choose from to add the exact details you want to your outfit – gold, silver, carved, turquoise, leather and more. 

Gold jewelry will forever be a timeless classic, making it perfect for every season, but it’s honey-like colors make it especially perfect for fall. Gold is a great complement to other natural hues of greens, browns and beiges, and is the cherry on top of a good fall look. 

Two gold necklaces layered on a marble background with fall foliage.
A woman modeling a pair of large, tortoise shell patterned hoop earrings.