Everyone loves a brilliant colorless stone. Whether it's Zirconia, like in our Bella Luce Collection, or a mined diamond from an exotic locale. What you may not know, however, is that there are many stones just like them that rival their beauty and, in the eyes of some, even surpass them! Normally, listing diamonds from D to Z would be to grade their color (D being colorless and Z being brownish-yellow), but in this blog we'll look at all of these beautiful stones from D to Z alphabetically. Who knows, you may find a new favorite!

Mined Diamonds

First, let’s take a look at mined diamonds. The standard when it comes to luxury, diamonds grown in the belly of the earth have always been the standard for weddings and engagements. They elevate to elegant, and from elegant to regal. Perhaps the most iconic gemstone of them all, the fact that they take millions of years to form deep beneath the surface of the earth gives them an inherent value that can’t be taken away.

Diamonds start off as a piece of carbon, and through tough, natural processes of the Earth, turn into beautiful and bright sparkling gemstones that are extremely valuable and gorgeous. Diamonds are named from the Greek word adamas, meaning "unconquerable." Fitting, right?

With this beautiful selection of diamond jewelry, they really will become your new best friend!

a silver diamond encrusted ring on the left and a gold on the right

Lab-Grown Diamonds

For the progressive woman, there’s lab-grown diamonds. What’s the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined one? Virtually nothing. Through a complex, highly refined process, a stone with the exact, optical, chemical, and physical properties is made and faceted just like its naturally-occurring counterpart. They’re here for those unwilling to be tied down by tradition, and they’re here to stay.

The process to make lab-grown diamonds is similar to the process of natural-grown diamonds. The only difference between the two of these gems is where they came from! Lab-grown diamond jewelry still sparkles and shines just as much as natural diamonds. You may hear them being called man-made diamonds or above-earth diamonds. No matter what, they are one-in-the-same and are a special treat for anyone!




Discovered over 100 years ago in the crater of a meteor impact, moissanite is a brilliant gift from space. It is extremely hard (second hardest in the world only to diamonds themselves), extremely rare, and extremely fiery. Due to the rarity of the natural thing, synthesized moissanite what is typically set in jewelry, but don’t get the wrong idea: with over twice the dispersion of diamond, Moissanite Fire is cut and faceted to naturally bring out its greatest attributes.

Moissanite is made with 2.4 times more fire than diamond is, which is why you will normally hear it described as being "fiery." It is durable and extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and breaking which makes it an excellent gemstone for jewelry and a nice alternative for diamonds. Whenever moissanite jewelry catches the light and sparkles and shines, you know you will have made the right choice.

Moissanite wedding jewelry allows you to enjoy the allure of a diamond without breaking the bank. No one will be able to tell you are wearing moissanite instead of a diamond! Not looking for wedding jewelry, but for an everyday look? Moissanite stud earrings are the ideal choice. 

Three moissanite rings and two moissanite necklaces beside them.
Four strontium titanate rings in a row.

Strontium Titanate

On the topic of exceptional man-made stones and diamond simulates. there’s strontium titanate. While similar in appearance to diamond, it too flaunts superior fire, casting a brilliant rainbow of color. It is also known as fabulite jewelry. It was developed in the 1950s as a man-made gemstone meant to be an alternative to diamonds, but it was found in its natural form in the 1980s in Siberia. 

The beautiful light and spectrum of color that this gemstone produces will have anybody sparkling and shining. Strontium titanate is the perfect choice for an everyday diamond alternative. Want to catch eyes when you are presenting a work project or talking with friends? Try strontium titanate rings. If you want a unique but durable jewelry set, try strontium titanate earrings. No matter what you choose, you will be the center of attention with this gemstone!

Cubic Zirconia

The last of our simulates, and perhaps the most renowned, is cubic zirconia. Remarkably affordable and with no shortage of sparkle, cubic zirconia is all over one of our most popular lines, Bella Luce. A stone like zirconia is wonderful for expressing yourself and your style without any compromises on looks. Available in a wide array of colors, cubic zirconia is truly a gem of all trades.

Cubic zirconia jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone because it is a great alternative to diamonds and it fits in almost any budget! Whether it is Mother's Day, an anniversary, graduation or any other special occasion, cubic zirconia is an excellent choice. Try giving a cubic zirconia tennis bracelet to let your person know how special they are to you! Cubic zirconia is the best way to not break the bank but still dazzle!


A cubic zirconia necklace and beside it, a pair of cubic zirconia earrings

Gemstones come in all sorts of colors, but sometimes the most captivating ones are colorless! From diamonds to cubic zirconia, they all certainly sparkle! Everyone deserves some colorless stones in their collection, and at multiple price-points and styles, JTV has plenty that fit the bill.