Magenta Gemstones

Rhodolite garnet is a special kind of garnet that comes in colors of pink, red and purple which is why it’s a great choice for color of the year. Since rhodolite garnet jewelry can look like all the colors that create magenta, it can easily look like magenta! Rhodolite garnet can also be called grape garnet or raspberry garnet depending on if it appears more purple or red.
Pink sapphire is known for its feminine and empowering pink hue, yet it can appear in different shades of pink and offer a lovely magenta color to wear as well. Whether it appears magenta, lavender or light pink, pink sapphire jewelry has a hardness of nine, which means it's fit for daily wear for all of 2023!
Pink topaz is another tremendous choice for appearing magenta or looking close to it. Pair pink topaz jewelry with silver for a dazzling contrast or wear it with gold for a pop of color.

Pink topaz, rhodolite garnet and pink sapphire are all phenomenal choices for magenta gemstone jewelry! Whether you hang out with one or all three, these magenta gems are simply fabulous for 2023!

A leading color authority has announced the Color of the Year for 2023 as magenta. You will see all things trending magenta this year from the automotive industry, home décor, fashion and jewelry. Magenta is a special and gorgeous color that radiates femininity like pink, is powerful like red and sparks compassion and imagination like purple. That is why JTV is excited to celebrate this color and offers joyful jewelry in its color and in the colors that make it. Even if magenta isn’t your thing, pink, red and purple are beautiful hues for jewelry too.

Magenta may be the color of the year, but that doesn’t mean that similar colors like pink, red and purple can’t share some of the spotlight. Gemstones like rhodolite garnet and ruby often have similarities to magenta while technically being classified as shades of red or pink, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating magenta with them! Other great gemstone jewelry to wear for color of the year can include pink variants of topaz, tourmaline and even cubic zirconia!

A woman smiles while wearing magenta gemstone rings, earrings and a necklace.