Imagine a late afternoon in midsummer, where the sun begins its descent, casting a soft, golden glow across the horizon. The sky is a canvas of pastel pinks and peaches, and the air is filled with a gentle breeze that carries the scent of blooming flowers and fresh fruits. This is the essence of the year's color for 2024: peach.

It’s been announced that 2024’s color of the year is peach, and it couldn’t be more refreshing. Peach is a beautiful, modest and feminine color that can be described as an artistic mixture of orange, white and yellow, or a pink beige (in my opinion). Like all colors, peach is easier to see than explain, and JTV has the perfect gemstone jewelry to represent it. Embrace peach’s calming hue by wearing new and trendy color-of-the-year jewelry.

Morganite: The Peach Color Gemstone

When it comes to picking out the right peach gemstone, morganite is the perfect pick! Originally known as pink beryl, morganite is a sister stone to emerald and aquamarine. What makes morganite stand out is its peachy and pink color and glass-like luster. Morganite also sports a Moh’s hardness rating of 7.5 to 8 with a fair toughness, making it safe to wear and resistant to scratching. Additionally, it rarely has inclusions, making it a pretty stone with a clear view inside.

Morganite earns its name from the famous banker and entrepreneur, J.P. Morgan, after its discovery in 1910. Found in various corners of the world, including the United States, some of the largest quantities of morganite come from the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Madagascar. Moreover, morganite earns its color of the year, peach, from traces of manganese and iron.

peach color morganite gemstones
Morganite Gemstones

Color of the Year Jewelry

Peach is not just a color; it’s a mood, a feeling and a statement. And what better way to express this than through the delicate, blushing tones of morganite jewelry? The gem's subtle yet striking hues perfectly align with the soft and soothing vibes of peach, adding a touch of elegance and femininity to any ensemble.

Whether it's a morganite pendant, earrings or a stunning ring, this gemstone naturally captures the essence of peach. The warmth and charm given by morganite make it an ideal choice to embrace the color of the year. You can easily add morganite jewelry to your wardrobe and enhance your style with a touch of understated luxury.

a collection of morganite silver rings
Morganite Rings

Symbolism of Morganite: Peace and Love

What does morganite symbolize? Beyond its charming color, morganite carries a deeper meaning. Known as the "stone of divine love," some believe morganite connects to the heart chakra and attracts and maintains love in one's life. This gem is thought to bring a sense of joy, compassion and healing, and share peace and happiness. Wearing morganite jewelry matches the color trends of 2024 and can add a meaningful touch to your style.

a peach colored morganite silver necklace
Morganite Necklace

Morganite Jewelry Versatility in Style

Morganite's versatility extends beyond its color; its soft, peachy tones complement various metals, from classic rose gold to timeless white gold or silver. This flexibility ensures that morganite jewelry can easily transition from casual daytime wear to glamorous evening attire, making it a must in your jewelry collection for any occasion.

a collection of morganite gemstone rose gold jewelry
Morganite Jewelry

Celebrate 2024's Color of the Year

As we step into the peachy embrace of 2024, let your style speak volumes with the timeless beauty of morganite jewelry. Whether you're looking to make a fashion statement, express your personality or simply find joy in wearing a gemstone as unique as you are, morganite is the perfect choice. The color of the year makes a great accessory or statement piece, and there’s no greater way to accessorize than with JTV’s color of the year jewelry collection.

Wrap yourself in elegant and calm morganite necklaces, bracelets and rings, or let a pair of earrings fall freely like peaches dangling from a tree. Versatile, warm, and pure bliss, embrace the peach color of the year in the radiant glow of morganite jewelry.

Jacob Maurer

Jacob enjoyed learning about color theory in his marketing courses. Now, he enjoys learning and sharing color theory on gemstones and the color of the year!

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