Blue is a very important color in the gemstone world. Not only are there multiple blue birthstones and endless ways to style them, but people also attribute a great deal of fascinating and positive symbolism to blue gems. Read on to discover your new favorite blue stone, its intriguing lore and how to take care of it.

What Does the Color Blue Mean?

Not only is blue a color with a lot of visual depth, but it also has a number of deeper meanings attributed to it. Blue has been scientifically proven to elicit feelings of calm, serenity and trust in the viewer. It also signifies loyalty and wisdom and evokes imagery of water and the skies. 

Pastel blue in particular is also associated with youth and innocence, while the darker shades, such as navy, convey sophistication and authority.

How to Style Blue Gemstone Jewelry

You’ve surely noticed how blue jeans go with everything. This versatility extends to almost every kind of blue clothing or jewelry. You can pair blue gemstone jewelry with essentially any color you want, creating all kinds of moods for all kinds of occasions. 

The color on the opposite side of the color wheel from blue, its complementary color, is orange. Blue and orange, as well as other closely related colors like peach, pink, mustard yellow, warm brown and red, make a statement that’s hard to outdo. Outfits with these color schemes will look fresh and exciting, and depending on the specific pieces you choose, can be sharp and modern or evocative of 60s-70s style.  

If your goal is to look polished, professional and commanding, or to create a more understated effect, combine blue with black, white or beige.

A woman in a blue top wearing blue bracelets, a necklace and rings
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A woman wearing blue gemstone bracelets and rings
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Aquamarine jewelry is a peaceful pastel blue color. In keeping with the meaning of the color blue, the gem is associated with trust and tranquility, but aquamarine has additional symbolism connected to it as well. Some people also link this gemstone with protective abilities and believe it enhances one’s ability to let go. 

The aquamarine stone rests between the 7.5-8 level on the Mohs Hardness Scale, a pretty high ranking, which is great news if you’re wanting to wear it every day. Aquamarine also has the prestige of being a March birthstone, in addition to being one of the traditional 19th wedding anniversary gifts. 

An aquamarine ring with a rose gold band and a multicolored gem halo
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A trio of birthstone tennis bracelets- aquamarine, sapphire and ruby
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Lapis Lazuli

While many of the most well-known blue gems are transparent and light or medium blue, lapis lazuli is an opaque navy blue with a dusting of gold and white flecks. Lapis lazuli even has its own special nickname: “The Stone of Truth and Companionship,” because some believe that the stone can enhance one’s friendships. Finally, not only is it one of the original December birthstones, but lapis lazuli jewelry is also a traditional gift for the 9th and 32nd wedding anniversary. 

To keep lapis lazuli looking as beautiful as possible, it’s best to save it for special occasions and clean it carefully. Lapis lazuli is only a 5.5-6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and is very porous (it contains microscopic holes). If you wear lapis lazuli every day, or if liquid gets inside the gem, it can damage the color and/or structure. 

A matching set of gold lapis lazuli earrings and a necklace
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Sapphire is one of the blue gems with the most illustrious history. It can be found in places all over the world, from Kenya to the state of Montana, and is a favorite of royalty and celebrities. When it comes to the stone’s symbolism, not only does sapphire share the meanings attributed to the color blue in general (trust, wisdom, peace), but people also used to believe that it could protect wearers from harm and envy. 

Since it ranks at 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, sapphire jewelry is perfectly suitable for everyday wear. On top of its historical significance, sapphire is also September’s birthstone and one of the traditional 5th and 45th anniversary gifts. 

A gold sapphire halo ring
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Tanzanite is one of the most fascinating blue gemstones, as it has only been found in one place on earth; a single region of Tanzania. Naturally-occuring tanzanite is typically brown - its unusual deep violet-blue color comes from heat treatment — but that doesn’t make the gem any less beautiful. When it comes to meaning, tanzanite jewelry is thought by some to enhance the heart and head’s ability to work together, helping you to become the best version of yourself.

On the Mohs Hardness Scale, tanzanite falls between 6-7. It is safe to wear frequently and you can use normal cleaning methods on it, but you should still be careful storing it near harder stones like diamond, ruby and sapphire. Tanzanite is also one of the many December birthstones, as well as a traditional gift for one’s 24th anniversary.

A silver circular tanzanite pendant necklace
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A tanzanite bangle bracelet, hoop earrings and ring.
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Although natural blue topaz is extremely rare, the lab-heated variety offers not just one, but three different shades— sky blue, Swiss blue and London blue. If you’re looking for a unique muted, dusty shade, London blue topaz will be the perfect fit. If you prefer icy, electric blue, sky or Swiss blue topaz has you covered. Regardless of the color, the stone is also believed by some to attract love and fortune, as well as reveal lies and even the presence of poison. 

With a Mohs Hardness Scale ranking of 8, topaz jewelry is durable and can accompany you to most of your daily activities. It is also one of the traditional 4th, 19th and 23rd anniversary gifts. 

A gold and blue topaz ring
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A woman holding a blue topaz ring with a silver band
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Turquoise has an extremely rich history intertwined with numerous cultures. Most notably, turquoise shows up frequently in Native American jewelry, but the stone was valued long before then by many other ancient civilizations. The green-blue tone punctuated by brown veins (called matrix) has come to symbolize wisdom and peacefulness, and some people think that the gem can provide protection and good luck. Turquoise is also known as a traditional 11th anniversary gift. 

In order to keep your turquoise jewelry looking vibrant, use caution when wearing and caring for it. The stone is only a 5-6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and has a porous composition that can get damaged by liquids. Clean it only with a damp, soft cloth. 

An amber and turquoise ring with leaf-shaped gems and a silver band
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Additional Blue Gemstones

  • Alexandrite
  • Apatite
  • Diamond
  • Kyanite
  • Larimar
  • Opal
  • Quartz
  • Spinel
  • Zircon
A silver and larimar bracelet and two rings

When it comes to blue gems and how to style them, the only limit is your imagination. Add some tranquility and elegance to your life by shopping your favorite blue gemstone jewelry today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Gemstone Jewelry

What does the color blue mean?

Blue has a variety of meanings, including calm, serenity, trust, loyalty, wisdom, youth, innocence, sophistication and authority.

Which gemstones are blue?

Some of the many blue gemstones are aquamarine, lapis lazuli, sapphire, turquoise, blue topaz, blue zircon, tanzanite, alexandrite, apatite, blue diamond, kyanite, larimar, blue opal, blue quartz and blue spinel.

What blue crystals look like lapis lazuli?

Some sodalite crystals look very similar to lapis lazuli, but they are usually a lighter blue color.

What is the rarest blue gemstone?

Some of the contenders for the rarest blue gemstone include Paraiba tourmaline, blue spinel and jeremejevite.

Which colors look good with blue?

Blue looks lovely styled with just about any color, including orange, peach, pink, mustard yellow, warm brown, red, black, white or beige. 

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