Whenever we buy an item for our closet, we hope we can put it to good use. Everyone has their go-to necklace, blazer, earrings or blouse. These items are our favorites because we can endlessly mix and match them. We can create a variety of outfits with them, and each look is different from the last. One of our many favorite pieces of jewelry to mix and match are black spinel necklaces! It’s a great necklace to add to your collection because it is effortless to mix, match, and layer! In this blog, we’re going to show you a variety of ways to style black spinel necklaces.

A Pop of Color

For the first look, we’ve paired a black spinel strand with a turquoise abalone shell necklace. These necklaces are a great match for layering because of the varying lengths. We also love pairing a black spinel necklace with a silver pendant because it really allows the darker colors to pop!

Girl with long black necklace

Love to Layer

The second look is all about lengths and textures. The first piece is a chunky black spinel necklace that sits close to the neck. We’ve paired it with a freshwater pearl, labradorite and agate necklace which adds a variety of earth tones to this layered look. This look is completed with a sparkly black spinel strand!

A girl smiling and wearing three different black layered necklaces.

Gorgeous Gemstones

Another effortless way to style a black spinel necklace is pairing it with a gemstone pendant. This yellow Brazilian citrine pendant pairs brilliantly with the long spinel strands, and allows the yellow gemstone to shine.

A girl wearing a black spinel necklace and a yellow gemstone pendant.

A few versatile pieces of jewelry are essential in everyone’s jewelry box! A necklace, band ring or bangle bracelet that can be paired with a variety of  pieces are what you will find yourself reaching for when adding last-minute touches to your outfit!