Zandrite (R) Color Change Blue To Purple Set Of Two Avg 1.50ctw 6mm Round

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Product Description

Zandrite(R) Color Change Blue To Purple Set Of Two Average 1.50ctw 6mm Round. The Gemstone Was Cut In Sri Lanka.

Zandrite(R) is a stunning, man-made glass that is specially formulated by combining rare earth elements such as neodymium, lanthanum and cerium to create its dramatic color change and color shift properties. Many of these rare earth elements are responsible for the wide array of colors seen in some natural gems such as apatite and bastnaesite. It was only after many years of experimentation (and much trial and error) that Zandrite(R) came into being. As the purple-green color change variety mimics the appearance and phenomenal property of extremely rare and expensive alexandrite, late Jewelry Television Co-Founder Jerry Sisk selected the name Zandrite(R) to describe the 100% color change exhibited by the green-pink, blue-purple and blue-lavender color combinations. The cranberry-magenta color combination delights with its intriguing color shift property. Additionally, some color combinations, such as the blue-purple and cranberry varieties, boast strong magnetism due to their neodymium content. Acquired exclusively by and found only at Jewelry Television, explore the colorful world of Zandrit(R) today!

Product Information
Product Type:
Gemstone Set
Product Group:
Build A Bargain
Primary Stone / Zandrite
Gemstone Family:
Lab Created
Gemstone Count:
Carat Weight:
Gemstone Shape:
Primary Color:
Gemstone Optical Property:
Color Change
No Treatment
Country of Origin:
United States
Lab Created
Dimension Type:
6 mm
Dimension Length:
Dimension Measurement:
Dimension Width:

Customer Reviews

Review This Product
beautiful color changenice size stones and great color change February 26, 2013

Age: Over 70

Gender: Female

I just love these..(set of 2 purple zandrites)6mm rounds in this stone just kinda screams Earrings. This color change is true and dramatic. One thing I'm very impressed about is the cutting. I don't know how JTV brings these lovely gems to us at "nutty" prices, but I've been buying from them for 7 years and they keep amazing me, mostly in a good way. These stones look exceptional in gemtite 6mm ss leverback earring castings. Even though a beginner can make these earrings easily, I'm not a beginner and I wear my JTV gemtite leverbacks a Lot. Don't hesitate. Get the stones & make earrings. January 25, 2014

Purchased as a gift: Yes, I gave/will give it as a gift.

Gender: Female



This is my fifth pair!!!I absolutely love the Zandrite!!! I have purchased this color 4 times and the green/pink twice. I made stud earrings for myself and my daughter loved them so I bought more and made her a pair. Then I ordered more and made myself dangle earrings to match the studs. I made a ring with an 8mm purple and green stone and a pair of earrings to match it and also a pendant with a 10 mm purple and blue zandrite. My daughter lost one of her earrings so I bought another pair and remade her some earrings and now I am ordering more just to have!! I don't know why but I am afraid that one day there won't be anymore, so I want to start stocking up lol. What if I decide to make something else or we lose one and there aren't anymore?? I plan to order a few extra of each color as I can afford them and just save them. I also have only ordered round and would like to try oval too, and would love it if I could get them in a princess cut or another cut. I hope you are able to produce some more JTV in some different shapes, because I will buy them all. I also want to try the cranberry color too and everybody that sees them are just amazed when they change colors and are always making me go into the bathroom and turn off the light to see the change. Absolutely an awesome product, and I do not care if they are man-made! Nobody asks and they always look puzzled when I tell them what they are. I do not tell any of my friends where to buy them either because I want to be the only one in my group with these beautiful stones. I know that is selfish, but I want them all to myself lol. Great job JTV!!! January 25, 2014

Beautiful!!!Zandrite is new to me and I find it to be just beautiful. I purchased these stones to make earrings for my 18 month old daughter and the earrings look great on her, I can't stop starring at them even before the color change, the colors are so vivid. The colors seem to range from a deep pink to a very pretty almost swiss blue color. I love them, trust me buy them ladies, I am going to purchase a bigger stone for myself to make a pendant, can't wait!!! January 25, 2014



just beautiful!recieved this item-z5r059,i am impressed with this lab created gem i got these to really satisfy my is a excellent set of gems and what a super price!!! thank you jtv! love the care of the package-a gem box-rather than a paper envelope.way to go jtv.thanx for caring for your customers to secure delivery!i love jtv,,!!! December 08, 2011



Very NiceI had purchased the set of 6mm rd. The cut used on these stones are very nice and show depth. Color change is sometimes fast, but what ever the color they are wether they match my blue topaz or african amethyst they are always very pretty. Thanks JTV Im very happy with my purchase and what a great price. January 25, 2014

Purchased as a gift: No, it is not a gift.



AmazingPerfect size for making a pair of earrings out of. They change color immediately! The blue and purple are incredible. January 25, 2014


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