Tray 1 - Color Gold Red Carpet Last Calls!

10k 2.50ct ov/rd tanz/.06ctw rd dia acc ring /blk rhod
14k wg 3.96ct ov tanz/.32ctw rd dia ring
14k 10.41ct ec trtd barehipani topaz/ .93ctw rd trtd bl dia ring
14k yg 2.67ct ov tanz/.73ctw rd dia ring

Tray 2-Morganite Last Call!

10k rg 1.75ctw rd/ps trtd cor-de-rosa morganite(tm)/.10ctw rd pk sapp rg
10k rg 1.00ct cu trtd cor-de rosa morg/ .02ctw rd dia acc rg
10k rg 1.50ct cu trtd cor-de-rosa morg/ .60ctw wht top/.03ctw champ dia acc rg
10kt rg 1.50ct trtd cor-de-rosa morganite(tm)/1.05ctw trtd pk tour/ dia acc pnd
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