Tray 1 $129.99 3X Stretch Pay

18k ovr s/s 3.21ctw rd sapphire ring notszbl/stratify(tm)/color vary
Stratify(Tm) 3.83ctw Oval And Round Morganite W/ Wht Zircon 18k Rg Ovr S/S Ring,
avg. rating 4.29

Price: $159.99

18k rg ovr s/s 2.40ctw rd imperial zircon/.14ctw rd wht zir ers/blk rhd
18k ovr s/s 11.76ctw ov trtd braz smky qtz/imperial zir/rd wh top ring/stratify

Tray 15 clear

23k Gold Plated Inox Tweezer With Grooved Tip
avg. rating 4.33

Price: $39.99

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