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Titanic Jewelry Collection (Tm) Violet's Audacious Crystal Ring

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Titanic Jewelry Collection, Square Cushion & Round Honey Color Crystal, Round White Crystal Silver Tone Brass Ring. Measures Approximately 1 1/8"l X 1/8"w And Is Not Sizeable.

Violet Jessop was a 24 year old stewardess aboard the Titanic. She was young and attractive and prior to her career on the Titanic was turned down from several job opportunities. Violet believed she was not hired because she was too young and attractive. So for her next interview, Violet decided to wear no make up and dress in drab clothes so she could appear ten years older. Well it worked. Violet was hired on the spot to serve aboard the Olympic, where she also received three marriage proposals! While working on the Olympic, the ship collided with the British warship, the HMS Hawk and both ships were seriously damaged. A year later, Violet signed on with the Titanic a magnificent ship that was said to be unsinkable. However, after the Titanic hit an iceburg, Violet was ordered up on deck and told to enter a lifeboat to show women passengers they were safe to board. After she sat down, an officer dropped a baby of bundle in her lap and said, "Here Miss Jessop. Look after this baby." Four years after Violet's near death experience aboard the Titanic, she served as a nurse for the British Red Cross during World War I, she had to swim for her life when the HMHS Britannic struck a mine and sank in the Aegean Sea. Caring for others at sea was Violet Jessop's job. She was a stewardess/nurse working for the White Star line. Within five years she would survive three near-death experiences. Undaunted and undiscouraged Violet continued to work for the White Star line and other cruise ships. Violet was a survivor and a warrior. She was known for her perserverence and unsinkable attitude. Violet was quoted by saying, "If I survive this shipwreck, Ill write a book titled Titanic Survivor: The Memoirs of a Stewardess. It may read like fiction, but it will be all too true and painfully so."

Titanic Jewelry Collection

For four magical days, the Titanic's elite passengers reveled in every modern luxury known at the time. During the early part of the 20th century, it was considered quite sophisticated for wealthy families to spend portions of their time in Europe which meant crossing the Atlantic at least once per year. Even to these jaded travelers, the Titanic ship was like no other. Not only was it the most impressive ship of its time draped in every luxury imaginable but so were its passengers. The women of the Titanic would plan for months to bring the right fashionable apparel aboard such a luxurious ship. Along with extensive outfit planning came accessorizing: large hats, mink stoles, gloves and of course, the jewelry. Jewelry of that time was depictive of the Art Nouveau and Edwardian eras. Art Nouveau jewelry was influenced by naturalism involving unusual designs within a symmetrical frame often encompassing foliage, leaves, enamel, pearls, crystals and gemstones. Edwardian designs included more formal jewelry: tiaras, brooches, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and sautoir necklaces. Many were set with brilliant gemstones, including diamonds, crystals and of course, pearl. Join JTV as we embark upon a journey of adventure and elegance and mark the 100th year of the Titanic's maiden voyage. Read More

Product Information
Product Type:
Product Group:
Titanic Jewelry Collection
1/8 inch
Jewelry Attributes
Metal Type:
Metal Color:
Silver Tone
Setting Type:
Style Piece:
Primary Stone / Crystal
Gemstone Family:
Gemstone Count:
Gemstone Shape:
Mixed Shapes
Mixed Cuts
Primary Color:
No Treatment
Man Made
Dimension Type:
Mixed Uncalibrated
Accent Stone / Crystal
Gemstone Count:
Gemstone Shape:
Gemstone Color:

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