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Titanic Jewelry Collection (Tm) Madeleine's Edwardian Necklace

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Product Description

Silver Tone Round, Baguette, Square And Emerald Cut Crystal Necklace. Measures Approximately 16"l X 15/16"w With A Lobster Claw Clasp.

Silver tone round, baguette, square and emerald cut crystal necklace. Measures approximately 16"L x 15/16"W with a lobster claw clasp.

Madeleine Talmage Force Astor, quite the charmer! She and her husband were the most talked about couple on the Titanic, so let me tell you a few things before the gossips do. People talk, not because he's the richest man aboard, or becauseMadeleine was a year younger than his 19-year-old son, or because he's more than twice her age. People have always talked about everything he does because he's John Jacob Astor IV, which is why Madeleine planned for weeks preparing for this extravagant trip and why she knows everyone will be anxious to see what jewels she will be wearing! You can almost hear the gasps from the ladies wishing they could look just likeMadeleine Astor...the Titanic Princess.

Titanic Jewelry Collection For four magical days, the Titanic's elite passengers reveled in every modern luxury known at the time. During the early part of the 20th century, it was considered quite sophisticated for wealthy families to spend portions of their time in Europe, which meant crossing the Atlantic at least once per year. Even to these jaded travelers, the Titanic ship was like no other. Not only was it the most impressive ship of it's time, draped in every luxury imaginable,?but so were it's passengers. The women of the Titanic would plan for months to bring just the right fashionable apparel to bring aboard such a luxurious ship. From planning on which outing to wear the perfectly tailored suit, the famous tunic top and pencil long skirt or an extravagant ball gown. Along with extensive outfit planning came the accessories...large hats, mink stoles, gloves and of course?the jewelry. Jewelry of that time was depictive of the Art Nouveau and Edwardian eras. Art Nouveau jewelry was influenced on naturalism, involving unusual designs within a symmetrical frame encompassing foliage, leaves, enamel, pearls, crystals and gemstones. Edwardian designs included more formal jewelry; tiaras, brooches, rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and sautoir necklaces. Many set with brilliant gemstones, diamonds, crystals and of course, pearls. Join JTV as we embark upon a journey of adventure and elegance and mark the 100th year of the Titanic's maiden voyage. Read More

Product Information
Product Type:
Product Group:
Titanic Jewelry Collection
15/16 inch
Jewelry Attributes
Metal Type:
Base Metal
Metal Color:
Silver Tone
Setting Type:
16 inches
Style Piece:
Lobster Clasp
Primary Stone / Crystal
Gemstone Family:
Gemstone Shape:
Mixed Shapes
Mixed Cuts
Primary Color:
No Treatment
Man Made
Dimension Type:
Mixed Calibrated

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful piece!I am not one who usually purchases jewelry that is not of a precious sterling, at the very least...or gold.....but this is such a pretty piece and had a great review...and of course the romance of having a piece replicating one that someone owned so very long ago and with such a significant history,,,so I decided to give it a try. Wow. It is so very lovely. I had to keep it. Next will come the bracelet to go with. Don't know where I will wear these pieces....but will worry about that later. Just owning them is joyful. April 29, 2013

Age: 60-69

Purchased as a gift: No, it is not a gift.

Gender: Female



Art Deco BrillianceI received the companion bracelet to this piece and because I was so impressed with the quality of it, I purchased this necklace. It is the most expensive piece in the Titanic collection, but I have to say that it is well worth the price. The quality of the piece, from the crystals to the geometric shapes so effectively used in the Art Deco period, looks like something that has geniune gemstones, either white sapphires, white topaz or even diamonds. This piece could even pass for a Bella Luce piece because of how well done it is. This piece along with the bracelet are really not everyday pieces of jewelry in my opinion, but are perfect for a night on the town or a formal event. They are quite noticeable across the room and striking. I have a four carat diamond and baguette ring that I wear and the stones compliment my ring quite well. The average person would not be able that this is not high end jewelry. This piece reminds me of the high end costume jewelry such as Eisenberg used by the movie studios during the Golden age of Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s. The Eisenberg pieces from this period can command very high prices in today's market and I predict that this necklace and the companion bracelet will be in similar company in the future. I cannot wait to wear both of them and get everyone's reactions to them. Absolutely gorgeous, something like Elizabeth Taylor would have worn. April 29, 2013

Age: 40-49

Gender: Female



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