Congratulations to our Winners!

October 1st: Cynthia Stevens of Milwaukie, OR
October 1st: Karen Cianni of Chisholm, MN
October 2nd: Margaret Pryor of Modesto, CA
October 2nd: Patricia Stanton of Clearwater, FL
October 3rd: Diana Elbert of Emmetsburg, IA
October 3rd: Barbara Murray of North Bennington, VT
October 3rd: Lois Hodgeson of Merced, CA
October 3rd: Linda Williams of Denver, CO
October 4th: Candy Birt of Amity, OR
October 4th: Victoria Spencer of Dover, DE
October 4th: Carla Williams of Claremore, OK
October 4th: Joe May of Oklahoma City, OK
October 5th: Evelyn Spencer of Clarkston, WA
October 5th: Yvonne Burbine of Wakefield, MA
October 6th: Linda Morton of Dumedin, FL
October 6th: Barbara Schaffer of Canton, GA
October 7th: Tina Montoya of Norwalk, CA
October 7th: Ellie Arden of Golden, CO
October 8th: Helen Ridge of Roswell, NM
October 8th: Linda Pendzich of Little River, SC
October 9th: Kathy Eckholm or Menasha, WI
October 9th: Ruby Thompson of Jesup, GA
October 10th: Rich French of Woodbridge, NJ
October 10th: Chad Hamblen of Waverly, MO
October 10th: Phyllis Grimaldi of Montebello, CA
October 10th: Debbie Goeppinger of Ordway, CO
October 11th: Josh Shelton of Paoli, IN
October 11th: Julie Daniele of Indian Orchard, MA
October 11th: Lori Mlinarcik of Salem, OH
October 11th: Tim Eskridge of Charlotte, NC
October 12th: Cathie Ayers of Summertown,TN
October 12th: Connie Williams of Bradford, VT
October 13th: Lillie Miller of Acampo, CA
October 13th: Marina Lainez of Chelsea, MA
October 14th: Katerina Paspalaris of Mohegan Lake, NY
October 14th: Denise Gaviola of Parma, ID
October 15th: Julie Ourso of Alexandria, LA
October 15th: Nadine Fields of London, KY
October 16th: Sandra Turton of Destin, FL
October 16th: Jodi Russell of Sandusky, OH
October 17th: Sheri Savit of Malverne, NY
October 17th: Norma Zinn of Wichita, KS
October 17th: Carmine J. Johnson of Williams Bay, WI
October 17th: Michael Melton of Harvest, AL
October 18th: Elizabeth Moncelle of Bonham, TX
October 18th: Mindy Foster of Ogden, UT
October 18th: Ivelisse Woods of Utica, NY
October 18th: Louise Rogers or Clovis, CA
October 19th: Melissa Selph of Table Grove, IL
October 19th: Mary Diederichs of Seattle, WA
October 20th: Desire Reed of Layton, UT
October 20th: Carolyn Neal of Peoria, IL
October 21th: Abel Acevedo of St. Petersburg, FL
October 21th: Addie Harris of Oxford, NC
October 22th: Candance Campbell of Philadelphia, PA
October 22th: Linda Ward of Lake Wales, FL
October 23th: Joseph Renelle of Clermont, FL
October 23th: Rebecca Spiers of Sherman, TX
October 24th: Jean Whelan of Lafayette, Co
October 24th: Diana Reiser of Des Plaines, IL
October 24th: Cora Kearns of Hamilton, OH
October 24th: Caryn Simon of Santa Cruz, CA
October 25th: Mary Janulewicz of Kenso, WA
October 25th: Jimmie Knox of Temple, TX
October 25th: Margaret Pawel of Dallas, TX
October 25th: Patricia Roberts of Nampa, ID
October 26th: Sharon Hilton of Chantilly, VA
October 26th: Susan Franke of Yorktown, TX
October 27th: Lucionda Greiner of Palisade, MN
October 27th: Laura Bergeron of Franklin, LA
October 28th: Sheryl Holden of Rochelle, IL
October 28th: Diane McCoy of Trenton, NJ
October 29th: Deirdre Crosse of Irvine, CA
October 29th: Karen Shortt of Pingree Grove, IL
October 30th: Rita Cox of Macarthur, WV
October 30th: Sylvia Harris of Lago Vista, TX
October 31th: Mary Barnes of Pinellas Park, FL
October 31th: Dorothy Berry of Cerritos, CA
October 31th: Sally Nichelson of Santee, CA
October 31th: Katie Feldman of Timonium, MN
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