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Rolling Mill, 80mm. Well-machined, The Rollers Are Tempered Steel Polished To A Mirror Shine. This Mill Features Two Flat Rollers, Two Wire Rollers And A Pattern Roller With Two Different Patterns. The Gear Ratio Is 3 To 1 And Wire Rollers From 0.75 To 5mm. Rollers Are Simple To Change For Different Applications. Note: For Drawing Plain Sheet Metal, Use A Maximum 5 Standard Wire Gauge Wire (3.75mm) And Minimum Of 26 Gauge (0.45mm). For Drawing Wire, Use A Maximum 5 Gauge And Minimum Of 20 Gauge.

Rolling mill, 80mm. Well-machined, the rollers are tempered steel polished to a mirror shine. This mill features two flat rollers, two wire rollers and a pattern roller with two different patterns. The gear ratio is 3 to 1 and wire rollers from 0.75 to 5mm. Rollers are simple to change for different applications. Note: for drawing plain sheet metal, use a maximum 5 Standard Wire Gauge wire (3.75mm) and minimum of 26 gauge (0.45mm). For drawing wire, use a maximum 5 gauge and minimum of 20 gauge. Jewel School (TM) is your jewelry making destination for all the essentials to make unique, one of a kind jewelry designs. Jewel School features a huge selection of beads, wire, findings and jewelry making tools. Jewel School also offers free jewelry making instruction through our free video on demand content as well as free jewelry making design tips from top design experts! Whether you are a beginner to jewelry making or a professional, we have the selection you need to bring your jewelry making designs to life. Explore the wonderful world of jewelry making! Jewel School is brought to you by Jewelry Television (TM), the world's largest retailer of loose gemstones and your jewelry making headquarters.

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ReviewJust got and learning to use. Like first piece made. Can't wait to keep playing with. There is a learning curve April 05, 2014

Age: 60-69

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