Gemstones / 5-10 ctw / Step

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XTG3813 Colombian Emerald 9.08ct 13.00x11.50mm Emerald Cut
Special Offer!
FLE126 Chinese Banded Fluorite Average 9.75ct 14x12mm Emerald Cut
avg. rating 5.00
AME062 Mandiore Ametrine Average 7.50ct 14x10mm Emerald Cut
$69.99 save 30%
TUE146 Brazilian Bi-color Tourmaline Minimum 7.00ct Mm Varies Emerald Cut Color Varies
EME1308 Colombian Emerald Minimum 6.25ct Mm Varies Emerald Cut
Special Offer!
EME1306 Colombian Emerald Minimum 5.00ct Mm Varies Rectangular Octagonal
Special Offer!
FLE127 Chinese Banded Fluorite Average 9.75ct 14x12mm Emerald Cut
avg. rating 5.00
XTG4503 Afghani Emerald 5.10ct 11.47x9.89mm Emerald Cut
XTG4450 Afghanistani Blue Tourmaline 9.89ct 21.83x8.89mm Rectangular Octagonal Step Cut
EME1250 Colombian Emerald 6.81ct 11.54x10.71mm Emerald Cut
DAE006 Canary Danburite 8.44ct 12x12mm Emerald Cut
XTG3585 Purple Fluorite 8.99ct 15.72x9.43mm Emerald Cut
AME058 Mandiore Ametrine Average 2.25ct 9x7mm Emerald Cut
avg. rating 1.00
$19.99 save 20%
TUE145 Brazilian Bi-color Tourmaline Minimum 6.00ct Mm Varies Emerald Cut Color Varies
AM023 Mandiore Ametrine(Tm) Average 6.00ct 12x10mm Rectangle Eav $180.00
ACTSG01341 Bolivian Ametrine Average 6.50ct 14x10mm Emerald Cut
XTG3576 American Calcite 9.98ct 15.09x11.87x7.97mm Rectangular Octagonal
EME1305 Colombian Emerald Minimum 5.35ct Mm Varies Rectangular Octagonal
MTG1155 Brazilian Parti-color Tourmaline 6.32ct 19.08x5.92x5.69mm Emerald Cut
TOE101 Brazilian Swiss Blue Topaz Average 8.50ct 14x10mm Emerald Cut
$59.99 save 29%
DAE022 Tanzanian Canary Danburite 7.12ct 14x10.5mm Emerald Cut
XTG3726 Nigerian Champagne Tourmaline 8.53ct 13.78x9.77mm Emerald Cut
AM021 Mandiore Ametrine(Tm) Average 7.00ct 14x10mm Rectangle
XTP037 Brazilian Untreated Tourmaline 9.46ct 34.27x6.48mm Rectangle
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