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XTG2576 Mozambique Green Tourmaline 13.41ct 16.54x13.44x8.91mm Oval
XTG2592 Mozambique Pink Tourmaline 10.51ct 14.9x11.4x8.9mm Oval
XTG2998 Mozambique Cuprian Tourmaline 4.75ct 12.0x9.5mm Oval Checkerboard Cut
XTG2563 Mozambique Green Tourmaline 9.16ct 14.8x11.5x7.6mm Oval
XTG2568 Mozambique Green Tourmaline 8.54ct 14.10x11.40x8.00mm Oval
XTG2596 Mozambique Purple Tourmaline 8.20ct 14.50x11.50x6.90mm Oval
XTG2590 Mozambique Pink Tourmaline 16.86ct 17.4x14.0x9.6mm Oval
XTG2646 Mozambique Paraiba-like Tourmaline 17.19ct 25.67x14.33x8.70mm Pear Shape
XTG2569 Mozambique Rubellite Tourmaline 14.91ct 17.7x13.8x9.0mm Oval
XTG4423 Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline 41.21ct 25x20mm Oval
XTG2579 Mozambique Green Tourmaline 7.39ct 14.91x9.91x6.43mm Cushion
XTG2558 Mozambique Blue Tourmaline 20.78ct 19.95x16.23x9.10mm Oval
XTG2553 Mozambique Blue Tourmaline 10.19ct 15.0x12.0x7.9mm Oval
XTG3446 Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline 4.27ct 13.87x7.50x4.45mm Rectangular Octagonal
XTG2597 Mozambique Purple Tourmaline 11.29ct 14.8x11.2x10.0mm Oval
XTG2571 Mozambique Green Tourmaline 9.15ct 14.67x11.82x7.47mm Oval
XTG2585 Mozambique Green Tourmaline 8.03ct 16.54x10.42x7.65mm Pear Shape
XTG2574 Mozambique Green Tourmaline 6.18ct 13.1x10.2x6.9mm Oval
XTG2598 Mozambique Purple Tourmaline 11.33ct 15.8x11.8x8.4mm Oval
XTG2600 Mozambique Violet Tourmaline 10.96ct 17.6x13.7x6.8mm Oval
XTG2567 Mozambique Green Tourmaline 14.95ct 18.43x14.31x8.09mm Oval
XTG2551 Mozambique Pink Tourmaline 12.30ct 16.7x13.6x7.7mm Oval
XTG4421 Matched Pair Of Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline 11.93ctw 13.5x10.5mm Oval
XTG2570 Mozambique Green Tourmaline 6.33ct 13.20x10.65x6.48mm Oval
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