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SCV101 Tenebrescent Scapolite Average 4.00ct Mm Varies Oval
$336.00 save 72%
Special Offer!
BT1R000024 Blue Diamond Minimum .90ct Mm Varies Round
avg. rating 1.00
Special Offer!
BXS368 Set Of 2 Pairs Regal Rajastan Rhodolite Average 2.00ctw 4mm Round And 6x4mm Oval
$8.24 save 40%
Special Offer!
BXS333 7.50ctw Mixed Shape Set Of Six Indian Druzy Quartz
avg. rating 3.00
$14.75 save 47%
Special Offer!
GP4947A Parcel Of Black Star Diopside Monster Mixed 100.00ctw 10x8 To 14x12mm Oval Cabochon Cut
avg. rating 5.00
Price Unavailable
GP6139 Parcel Of Iolite 10.00ctw Mm Varies Mixed Pear Shape
avg. rating 4.00
Special Offer!
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