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BLB008 Gemsavvy Sentiments(Tm)Rhodium Over S/S 6mm Rd/.56ctw Rd Cz Semi-mt Ers With 10k Wg Head
avg. rating 4.50
CBZ366 Gemgroove Sentiments(Tm)18kt Rg Over Sterling 8mm Rd W/1.52ctw White Zircon Semi Earrings
avg. rating 4.00
SMA004 Gemgroove Journeys(Tm)Rhodium Over Sterling Silver 5mm Rd/ .24ctw Rd White Zircon Semi Mnt Earrings
avg. rating 4.67
SMA449 Gemgroove Journeys(Tm)5mm Round With 7.4ctw Marquise Mother Of Pearl Sterling Semi Mount Earrings
avg. rating 4.00
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