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Tommy Brown

Tommy Brown - AJP, CSA, DCA

Tommy Brown attended Kemper Military Academy after high school and went on to be a jack-of-all-trades, working in construction doing plumbing, electrical, and even welding work. Finally in 1991, his brother Mark, also a well-known home shopping host, brought Tommy into the industry. He joined Jewelry Television® more than 10 years ago and has been running ever since. "The fun hasn't stopped. I'm always learning, and that's what keeps my interest up. I gain knowledge of something new everyday."

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"Tsavorite is one of the few gems that's not color enhanced in any way, yet it's a gorgeous green that carries a sparkle and fire like diamonds."

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Tommy Brown

A Day in the Life: "The most challenging aspect of my job is to relay the true value, and often rarity, of the merchandise at JTV. Some may think it's a sales pitch, but we offer a variety and value unlike any other source in the world."

Fun Facts: Tommy is a semi-professional bass fisherman. If he's not fishing, he still takes to the outdoors with camping and boating.

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