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Michele Lau

Michele Lau - AJP, DCA

Michele has been in the jewelry business for 15 years but has loved jewelry all of her life. Now a show host for Jewelry Television, she treasures assisting customers in enjoying the beauty of life and making people happy: “It is the best job in the world!” Michelle is an Accredited Jewelry Professional and has been able to travel to gem and jewelry shows all over the world. She has hosted a jewelry making documentary in Bangkok and has assisted many celebrities and industry leaders in presenting their collections as well. Michele is an Accredited Jewelry Professional and loves being part of a company that is the world’s largest distributor of gems and jewelry.

my favorite gemstone


"My favorite gemstone is tanzanite. Tanzanite is special to me because it is my birthstone, and I treasure the tanzanite ring my husband Ron gave me as an anniversary gift."

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Michele Lau

Fashion Tip: “Push the envelope from time to time and step out of your comfort zone. It is exhilarating! Why not pearls and blue jeans?”

Fun Facts: Michele and her husband Ron, Shi Tzu Bennie, and Kit the Cat are excited about being a part of the Knoxville community. They enjoy boating, golf, cooking together and leading a simple life.

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