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Libby Floyd

Libby Floyd - AJP

Libby has been a jewelry host in the home shopping industry for 15 years. She enjoys everything about hosting - the customers, the jewelry, the live television experience; they are all so exciting and no day is ever the same! There are no rules in jewelry but I feel a woman can’t go wrong with having a classic white pearl strand, a diamond or Bella Luce tennis bracelet and silver or gold chandelier earrings in their jewelry wardrobe.

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"I love every gemstone because they are all rare in their own right, but pink is my favorite color, so I’d have to go with Kunzite, Morganite, Tourmaline and Diamonds (Both pink, of course!) A girl just can’t pick one!!"

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Libby Floyd

Fashion Tip: I love lots of "bling" so I always say to women – "Bling it up!"

A Day in the Life:The life of a show host is extremely exciting, fast-paced and exhilarating! It’s like running a marathon, 24/7! A day, or night, can consist of meeting with vendor guests, product meetings with buyers, researching product, answering tons of e-mails about the show, scheduling a blowout for my non-cooperative hair, working out, taking a nap (before the late night shows!), eating dinner and having caffeine before heading to the studio. Once there, I go over the jewelry pieces for my show, meet with my guests, have a pre-production meeting with my producer and director, do more gemstone research, touch up my make-up and hair, add lip gloss and go live!!

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