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Published: January 2012
by Shawn O’Sullivan, George Williams, Jerry Sisk, Jay Boyle, Choi Asawapongpanich and Chatchai Klangtongduang, JTV Gemstone Buyers &Julie Chen, Ande Gems

JTV's 2012 Gem Congress event is in full swing! This event gives our buyers the opportunity to purchase the latest and newest gemstones available in the marketplace. We asked several of our best vendors to stop in Knoxville before travelling to the Tucson Gem Show that begins in late January 2012. This gives JTV first dibs on the gemstones that will be sold in Tuscon before they are available to the rest of the world. We’ve challenged our vendors to bring us their best gems so prepare yourself for awesome deals on the world’s most desirable and highly collectible gemstones!

Multi-Color African Tourmaline Cabochons

Nicknamed the chameleon gem, tourmaline is available in more than 100 different hues. Madagascar is one of the major tourmaline sources plus is home to more than half the world’s known chameleon species.

This purchase was truly exciting for our buying team because of its great range of colors. Pinks, greens, reds, and yellows are all available, plus there’s even a few colorless gems in the mix. The colorless gems, known as achroite, are rare and not often seen in the marketplace today.

Another great feature of this lot is that there are lots of beautiful red to reddish pink rubellites included. There has been a lot of frenzy around rubellite since early 2010. Prices skyrocket as the Asian market clamored for these gems, but have since lowered as many of the stones available today are in non-calibrated, free-form sizes.

The green tourmaline colors range from mint hues to rich, emerald greens. For those of you who enjoy cleaner, less included gemstones, green tourmaline is the green gem for you. Its popularity with collectors has grown tremendously in recent years as they realize its true potential.

Whether you’re creating a tourmaline gemstone collection or you want to set some of your gems into jewelry, we can tell you rainbow parcel is one the most special of all the Gem Congress purchases.

Act now because when these gems are gone there is no guarantee that they will ever again be available at the price we are offering them for today!

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Native Sunset Garnet™

Native Sunset Garnet is a new gemstone offering at JTV!

A rare variety of Anthill Garnet, Native Sunset Garnet™ is only found in every 1 of 500 gems! Colored by chromium (red) and manganese (orange), it is named for its remarkable resemblance to the early evening Arizona skies. It is seen in three distinct colors, ranging from a regal red Burma spinel color to a Padparadscha orange color. And you must remember that each of these gems is 100% natural in color and have been touched touched only by nature.

Our vendor has been buying Anthill Garnets from the Native Americans who collect these stones since 1991. These gems are alluvial in nature, and locals will pick these stones up after the ants have disturbed the ground while making their elaborate underground tunnels. Accumulated over time, the Native Americans (typically women) will sell them to our vendor. The vendor, in turn, amasses these small purchases until he has enough quantity to offer to JTV.

Until today, our vendor has only been able to sell these gems in singles. These uniquely colored gems have accumulated over time, and today JTV has been able to secure 85% of the Native Sunset Garnet™ inventory. Because of their rarity, our vendor predicts that he will only be able to supply us with a small amount of these gems twice per year.

Anthill Garnet is a gem rich in tradition with Native Americans. Used in shaman rattles for healing ceremonies, the gemstone is also said to signify friendship.

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Super Swiss Blue Topaz

Super Swiss Blue Topaz is unlike any other blue topaz. Their color is so vivid and bright that it can be described as neon blue.

Blue topaz has several color variations.“Sky Blues” is the lightest of the three colors and are very similar to aquamarine in color. “London Blue” is the darkest, richest shade of the three colors. Medium blue shades are known as “Swiss Blue”. Swiss Blue refers to those gems that have bright, electric and vivid color. Yet today we have to go one step further to truly describe this new gem's oustanding color: “Super Swiss Blue"! This neon, electric blue is sure to add a spark to your gemstone or jewelry collection!

Today, most Swiss Blue Topaz begins as white or colorless topaz from either Brazil or Sri Lanka. It is then irradiated to activate the intense, stable color centers that give us that electric, vivid blue color. Topaz, which has a hardness rating of 8 on Mohs scale, is a perfect gem for jewelry making. It is well known for taking a superior polish, giving each gem a beautiful luster. Flawless by nature, Swiss Blue Topaz is an incredible beauty.

Reminiscent of the finest colors of top Brazilian Paraíba tourmalines, this lot of Super Swiss Blue Topaz won’t be here long. Now is the time to add some super blue to your life!

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Williamsite is a must-add for your exotic gem collection! Hailing from the gem-rich continent of Africa, williamsite is not often seen in the United States.

While most williamsite is often opaque in appearance, these gems are semi-translucent. A rich green variety of the mineral serpentine, williamsite’s color gives it a very similar appearance to jade. It’s even known as “precious serpentine” in some circles of the world because of its close appearance to fine quality jade. Williamsite often contains minor inclusions of chromite and magnetite, giving your gemstone intriguing internal treasures and all at no extra charge.

Williamsite was named in honor of 19th century American mineral collector L.W. Williams. Primarily translucent in appearance, these large cabochon gems are perfect for any gem collection or jewelry making! If you choose to set your gem into jewelry, we recommend setting into a pendant or earring casting or semi-mount, as williamsite has a hardness rating of 4.5 on Mohs scale and isn’t a gem well suited for everyday wear.

This purchase is extremely limited in quantity and not expected to last long so add the collector gem williamsite to your collection today!

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