Brian Hyder

Brian Hyder

Brian fell in love with jewelry while working in the fashion industry in Milan, Italy, and later grew to love gemstones while working with a colored gemstone retailer for 12 years. His gemstone and jewelry studies have included AGTA courses in colored gemstones, studies in organics' like amber and pearls, and several courses in diamonds, gold, and silver. Brian has been a host for over a dozen years and loves it: "Being invited into some ones home everyday to showcase some of the finest jewelry and gemstones is a fantastic and very rewarding experience." Brian is a native of Western N.C. and feels right at home at JTV. Being a host has allowed Brian to visit some of the most beautiful areas in Europe and South America, but of all places he loves coming home to the Blue Ridge and Smoky mountains.

My Favorite Gemstone



Being an avid sailor, Brian likes iolite for the nautical legend and lore associated with the stone. He also appreciates the affordability and color play the stone brings.

More About Brian...

Brian Hyder

Fashion Tip: "A classic pair of gold or silver hoop earrings and a strand of 6-9mm pearls is a must-have. Hoops can be worn everyday and everyone needs a strand of pearls for those special events. "

Fun Facts: "I love the outdoors and was lucky to be selected as the host of the #1 adventure show on PBS. For three years I was able to experience adventures most can only dream of. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two children, three grandchildren, a golden retriever and two Himalayan cats."

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