Jewelry Television® Preferred Account Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Jewelry Television® Preferred Account?

The Jewelry Television® Preferred Account is a private-label retail credit card which may be used only for purchases with Jewelry Television® and on JTV® Preferred Account is subject to credit approval and provided by Comenity Capital Bank. You may open a Jewelry Television® Preferred Account via online application or phone. It is a credit account that allows you to pay your bill in full or over time. Offer Details

How do I open a JTV® Preferred Account?

Simply choose JTV® Preferred Account at checkout. On the billing/payment page, select JTV® Preferred Account as your payment method. You will be guided through the process without having to leave

Do I need to be approved prior to selecting JTV® Preferred Account at checkout?

No, you do not need to complete an application to get approval prior to shopping. To request a JTV® Preferred Account, simply select JTV® Preferred Account at checkout. A separate page will appear in which you: 1) verify the billing address you’ve already provided; 2) supply your date of birth, residence status, annual income, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number for verification purposes; 3) review and agree to the E-sign Consent; 4) and review and approve the JTV Preferred Terms and Conditions to request a JTV® Preferred Account.

I have a JTV® Preferred Account card. How do I enter the account information on will save your account information for later use, once you have logged in and completed the JTV® Preferred Account checkout.

Is JTV® Preferred Account available for all purchases on

JTV Preferred Account can be used to pay for all items on

How can I view and manage the details of my JTV® Preferred Account?

You can view and learn more about your JTV® Preferred Account in three ways:

Please note the period between JTV® and the word “My” in the above E-mail and website addresses.

Where do I send JTV® Preferred Account payments?

Jewelry Television® Preferred Account
P.O. Box 105658
Atlanta, GA 30348-5658

Please include the remittance coupon and write the account number on the check.

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