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To ensure you are happy with the offering price, you must see and accept it before payment is made. If you decide not to sell your gold and platinum, we will return it free of charge.

The Party that Pays!SM
Unlike most home parties that encourage guests to spend money, our gold parties are designed for you and your guests to make money! Party hosts earn an impressive 10% of the amounts their guests receive from the JTV Gold Exchangesm Program. That can add up in a hurry! Your payment as a host will in no way lower the amount your guests receive for their gold. On average, clients of the JTV Gold Exchangesm are receiving about $400 for their unwanted gold. As your guests accept offers for their gold or platinum, the amount you’ll receive will climb. Keep in mind that you will also receive a check for any personal gold you choose to sell.
Examples of what you can earn:

Based on the average of offers accepted by JTV Gold ExchangeSM customers between August 2009 and December 2009. Your results will be determined by factors such as the number of guests accepting offers, the amounts of gold they send in and the price of gold and platinum.
More About the Party That Pays:SM

We are committed to making the JTV Gold PartySM Program simple and transparent, while providing the very best value for gold and platinum. We have an edge over our competitors because of our peace-of-mind protection methods.

Your Gold Party Guests Can Track Their Packets. We provide your guests with a prepaid, pre-addressed FedEx® envelope, and insure each bag up to $500. This way your guests know it’s covered in the event of loss or damage.

Your Guests Can Feel Secure. To ensure there’s no tampering with your guest’s items, we videotape them being unpacked and weighed. Then we post the video online at jtvgold.com for their review.

The Satisfaction of Your Guests is Guaranteed! To ensure your guests are happy with the offering price, they must see and accept it before payment is made. If they decide not to sell their gold and platinum, we will return it free of charge.

Your Guests Will Be Contacted Every Step of the Way. When your guests provide their email address, we will communicate the status of their packet from beginning to end via email, or they can call anytime to check the status.

The JTV Gold ExchangeSM Program Pays Top Market Value for Gold! We compared our gold payout to other companies and your guests will be paid fairly for their gold.
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