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“Absolutely!! I've already told a couple of friends and sisters about this great opportunity. The "gold" I sent in the mail had been in a bottom drawer for at least 11 years. Thank you.”


“I've been watching, learning and buying from JTV for many years. This is the only place I trust to give a fair and honest deal especially with the Gold Exchange program as there are so many mitigating factors involved. Thanks for everything!”


“Your website is easy to use and your response was very quick, I felt very comfortable using the JTV website.”


“I have already referred five of my friends. This was quick and easy. Very happy with my offer and would do it again. I'm not suprised because I trust JTV 100%. You back up everything you tell your customers and I wouldn't shop anywhere else for my jewerly and gemstones. I'm so glad you started this gold for cash. Thanks JTV. I'm a customer for life.”


“I am so impressed with the prompt attention and easy system offered through Jewelry TV. I will definitely tell everyone I know about ths wonderful service.”


“This was the easiest process I have ever been involved with. Simple instructions, ease of mailing, almost instant checking of my items once recieved and an immediate offer. Once I accepted I recieved the check within days. Was really suprised at the amount offered. I feel like I made a very good decision to go with JTV Gold Exchange.”


“I have already informed family and friends of the integrity of the program and my highest recommendations for taking advantage of the JTV Gold Exchange opportunity.”


“I haven't received my check yet, but have already recommended to all my family and friends to use JTV's Gold Exchange program. It was great being able to watch the actual process on the video. I AM IMPRESSED. I have been buying from Jewelry TV for only a few months but am always extremely impressed with the pride, dignity and integrity in which they conduct every aspect of their company. Thank you once again, for a super experience.”


“This program is truly amazing. I could not believe the amount of money I received for my gold items. If you have unwanted or broken gold items, please let JTV buy them from you. I received hundreds of dollars for items I haven't used in years. Thanks JTV”


How did your experience with the JTV Gold Exchange affect your perception of JTV? Please explain.


“I felt JTV went out of it's way to assure I was absolutely comfortable with turning my gold over to them through the mail. I was kept involved in the whole process. The video experience was really quite interesting and exciting. I thoroughly love the way they handle matters.”


“I've always thought highly of JTV . The gold exchange experience only made it better.”


“I've been buying from JTV for a long time & trusted JTV already for the quality of merchandise, from jewelry to gems, so was not surprised to find the Gold Exchange to be as easy and satisfying as it was!”


“I am a loyal customer and advocate of JTV for 4.5 years. The JTV Gold Exchange is representative of the overall integrity of JTV. I think the program, its implementation, and documentation are focused on customer satisfaction and fair trade. My trust in JTV is solid.”


“I always trust JTV and never would have done this otherwise. I had intended to melt it down at some point and make my own jewelry piece from it. Trying to save money now, this allows me to use "old" money for something we need repaired.”


“JTV is the best! I have ordered everything from gemstones to your jewelry and have been very happy with everything that I have received. I knew using your gold exchange program would be a very simple and easy process. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JTV.”


“I had ordered jewelry in the past from JTV but wasn't sure what to expect with the Gold Exchange and I was a bit apprehensive about sending in my packet. However, from start to finish it was a positive experience and has made JTV a business that can be trusted.”


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