Gemvue Portable Polariscope

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Exclusive To Jtv! The Gemvue Portable Polariscope Is The Fastest Way To Test The Optical Properties Of Gemstones. Quickly Determine Whether Gemstone And Minerals Are Singly Or Doubly Refractive. Resolve Optic Character In Doubly Refractive Gems And Detect Pleochroism. Built In Sodium Light Can Power The Gemvue Refractometer (Gv85). Operates On Standard 120v Outlet, Usb Cord, And Two Cr2450 Batteries. Includes Large Interference Sphere And Leather Carrying Case.

Exclusive to JTV! The GemVue compact polariscope is one of a series of tools that assist in gemstone and mineral identification. This tool is used in conjunction with other gem tools to narrow the range of possibilities when identifying stones and minerals. The primary purpose of this tool is to determine the optic character. Gemstones and minerals exhibit different structural forms. Some may be singly refractive, doubly refractive, or an aggregate of numerous microscopically small crystals. Each of these structures responds differently when viewed through a polariscope. This unit includes three different lighting methods which include daylight equivalent, LED, and also has a built-in sodium light that can be used as the light source to the GemVue Refractometer (GV85). Comes with a leather case and a large interference sphere. The tool operates on three different power options, a standard 120V outlet, USB power cord for you computer (both Mac and PC), or 2 CR2450 batteries. This is a valuable tool for any gem enthusiast.

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QUALITYThe polariscope is a well made professional tool. The accompanying video is 17 minutes long. Well done by Jerry Sisk in easy to understand language along with gem termanology. He explains what the equipments is for in the case and its use. I followed along with the video using one of my mystery gems from a faceted parcel. There is a small key used to open the battery compartment on the bottom of the polariscope that needs to be about half inch longer to make it easier to use. May 04, 2013

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Wonderful addition to my tools!!A polariscope is the only gem identification tool I had not gotten yet from JTV. Now I have one that is not only great quality, but so easy to use. The fact that I don't have to worry with pen lights and batteries any more for my refractometer is a fantastic plus!!! May 03, 2013

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