Cor-de-rosa Morganite Avg 5.50ct 14x10mm Oval Zoom

Cor-de-rosa Morganite Avg 5.50ct 14x10mm Oval - MGV048

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Product Description
Cor-de-rosa Morganite Average 5. 50ct 14x10mm Oval. Mined In Mozambique And Cut In India.

Discovered at the turn of the 20th century, Morganite was named in honor of JP Morgan, one of the most important collectors of gems and minerals at this important time in American history. Hailing from Mozambique, Cor-de-Rosa Morganite's color is serene and tender, radiating a charm and vitality like no other pink gem. Its name was derived from the Portuguese adjective meaning pink. Available in shades ranging from pastel pink to feisty fuchsia to subtle apricot, we have a diverse mixture of gems sure to satisfy our most discriminating customers! Fall in love with Cor-de-Rosa Morganite today!
Product Information
Product Type
Single Stone
Product Group
Cor-de-rosa Morganite
Primary Stone
Gemstone Family
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Carat Weight
Gemstone Shape
Mixed Cuts
Primary Color
Country of Origin
Dimension Type
14x10 mm
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Customer Reviews (8)
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Pink, Pink, Pink
So, I have purchased loose gemstones from JTV before, always wondering if it will be exactly what I was looking for. Well ladies, this is exactly what you are looking for. Between me and the other reviews, I believe you cannot go wrong with purchasing this morganite. It is PINK! And not just pink, but the perfect morganite peachy pink (with more pink than peach). This gemstone is very saturated! My gemstone also has the appearance of dispersion. In the sunlight, the morganite flashes blues, greens, yellows, and oranges! Just beautiful!
5 out of 5 by
Peachy Keen
Much better than I expected. Just enough of both the pink and the peach to make it appear delicate. Can hardly wait for the semi-mount to arrive so I can take it to the jeweler to have him set the stone. I'm new at this and I REALLY don't want to even try this on my own. TOO pretty to mess up.
5 out of 5 by
Love it!!!!
Buy it now, put it in a show case, and love the fact that you own over 5 carats of beautiful rare pink beryl. You cant find this stone for this price anywhere. I know, I looked, and yes I looked at the "pink emerald" sites, and I had to laugh at my good luck!! You will not be dissapointed I promise!
5 out of 5 by
It's a 10 Star!
Beautiful soft peachy/pink, as you would expect, and the cuts/facets are lovely. The 14x10mm gives a huge table and really covers knuckle to knuckle, or it just makes a wonderful addition to your collection. It's a great value.
5 out of 5 by
What a deal!
Thank you JTV for 101 years of celebration of Morganite that allowed me to get this beautiful, highly collectible, for this awesome price. I can't believe I got this ct for the price I paid and the stone is flawless. Thankfully I called quickly enough to get this deal and the perfect rose gold setting that was shown at the same time. Together I got the deal of a lifetime on a gemstone that is no longer mined.
5 out of 5 by
Wow, Wow Wow!!! .
This Cor-DE-Rosa morganite is absolutely beautiful gemstone. the color, quality and value ..
5 out of 5 by
Did not care for the color. Too orangy.
2 out of 5 by
OLD PIC'S? New arrival?
I ALMOST MADE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE!!WHOOPS!! I saw this pic when I was looking at the new arrivals ,the color, cut, and size jumped right out at me ,I clicked on it and it wasn't low, I expected to see low inventory or 1 left as usual with a pic like this one and a 5 dia rating, I almost ran to the phone as I did a few weeks back when I ordered this same stone that had only one left then .Thankgoodness I read the first review and remembered it ,then looked at the date of the review, back in 2011, a new arrival??????? ........What about the stone from a few weeks back? well....... When I opened the package I thought a mistake had been made, the stone looked like a washed out Kunzite,my heart sank and I felt like crying when I realized this was the Cor de rosa morganite I had so anxiously awaited.I placed it on white paper and the color is a VERY washed out "cool" pink with slight lavender undertones, Nearly colorless and dull. I was truely shocked and so sad. Not at all the TRUE color that Cor de Rosa lovers have come to know and love so much, I have read it from JTV that it can vary from soft pinky peach,peachy pink,salmony peachy pink and even a soft fushia peach pink, the point is that whatever the hue I thought the Cor de Rosa color is a "warm" hue, all other morganite pieces used to be listed as morganite w/country of origin without the cor de rosa name. I am not an expert on morganite but from all I have read from reviews and heard from hosts is that "pinky peachy warmth" that separates Cor de Rosa morganite from the rest and is a very important characteristic to this Majestic pink gem. Due to a hospital stay, I missed the morganite event in Jan, the intro to the starsplosion cut w the TBV huge morganite,and the subsequent news that no new morganite could be purchased at any of the gem shows.,Once I got home ,the inventory of the peachier looking and deeper saturated stones in the 3 to 7 carat range were all but sold out, the larger ones were out of my budget Range, I watched every gem show live to try to call in but I was too slow, most were one or two only's. I checked every day hoping for one or two to pop back in and they did here and there. I did succeed in two stones that are excellent and the color is peachy pink perfection, I did get one 5 carat starsplosion too that was shown on tv and in pic as pink, and it is Warm pink Heaven ,the cut is like mirrors SO I'm happy to have what I do have ,truely!!!, For my collection I still check everyday for the 7 to 10+ carat range w/ darker peach saturation in an oval,specialty mixed or flower cut, I found JTV in mid Nov, it's new to our area. I do have some knowledge of gems from years of experience working in the antique market. Off and on Health problems gradually kept me home, I started and did have a very successful antique business on Ebay so I do understand how important accurate, honest reviews are ABOUT the item. I am a new collector,I read heavily and study,study,study,also tape jtv shows, listen and learn from the hosts,announcements,etc. I am collecting on borrowed time as it is ,in view of the recent remarkable discoveries in the last few yrs.I buy as much as I can within my budget, as I am trying to focus on specific gems that soon will be beyond my price range, and also we are losing a few like Cor de Rosa that have been a staple for a long time with JTV , so I am really behind the ball .This is what made this purchase so upsetting, the stone I received is NOTHING like the picture at all and CERTAINLY not the stone that is described by the old reviews, earning it a 5 diamond rating. Perhaps, I have been unlucky this time and this stone is just a lemon, but it doesn't explain why it is in the new arrivals, with an old item number and reviews.I ,of course,am returning the stone. I will also be speaking with customer service so they are aware of the problem. In all fairness, their inventory must be beyond enormous and they are in a time of reorganizing,restocking, and new arrivals etc.I also have been amazed and very happy with the majority of the purchases I've made,(alot in the last few months). The few items that didn't work out were handled in a proffessional manner,by exceptionally freindly and helpful associates/representatives. I just don't want tot lose any more time on a return that should not have been, and I am hoping to prevent my fellow buyers from the same..
1 out of 5 by
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