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When making the decision to apply for an employment opportunity in customer care we feel strongly that you should first know about our organization’s expectations. We feel this can help to determine if Jewelry Television® is the correct employer choice for you. We believe an employment relationship should be a mutual fit for the organization and you, the applicant.


A drug screening examination is required after an offer of employment is extended in addition to a background check.

Mandatory Training:

Customer Care Sales Agent positions require a five day mandatory training. Perfect attendance is required during this time period.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Good data entry skills
• Basic knowledge of hot keys (i.e. ctrl+C, ctrl+v, shift+tab, cntl+alt+enter)
• Ability to stay focused in a large open call center environment
• Good clear speaking voice (tone, pitch, articulation, pace, and grammar)
• Ability to provide details to relate product to people over the phone
• Ability to relate to people of diverse backgrounds over the phone with minimal information
• Strong customer service skills and comfortable using selling skills to suggest additional product

Working Environment:

• Required to sit or stand at work station for an entire shift
• Must wear a headset during the entire shift
• Shared workspace or workstation
• Shared ownership in maintaining a clean work environment
• Handle continuous incoming calls
• Able to perform product searches and utilize multiple computer applications
• Maintain acceptable department performance standards (login, conversion rate, quality assurance scores)
• Cell phones are not permitted within the Call Center facilities. Phones must be stored in a locker and may be checked during breaks.


Jewelry Television® is a fast paced and dynamic organization where it is critical to the business to have agents properly staffed to provide the superior service our customers have come to expect. We feel an overview of our scheduling process may be helpful to you in your application decision.
• Agents are required to work weekends, Saturday and Sunday.
• Agent’s schedules will fluctuate weekly within the designated hours of availability given by the agent.
• Jewelry Television® operates 24 hours per day 7 days per week. When an agent’s schedule falls on a holiday the agent will be expected to work.
• An agent will be asked to provide specific availability at the time of employment.
• An agent can be scheduled any time between the hours the agent provides as designated available to work.
• An agent’s availability cannot be changed within the first 90 days of employment.
• An agent upon completion of their first 90 days of employment may submit an availability request change at which time this request may or may not be approved based upon the current scheduling needs of the business.
• An agent may only update or request a change to their availability once every 90 days and this change may or may not be approved based upon the current scheduling needs of the business.

If you wish to apply, please download and complete an application for employment to careers@jtv.com or mail to Jewelry Television®, Attn: Human Resources, 9600 Parkside Drive, Knoxville, TN 37922.

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