Database Engineer

Jewelry Television is a fast growing retail company with a superior pool of technology engineers who love their work. We need a passionate software professional who can juggle design, development, and troubleshooting activities primarily within an Oracle database environment. In this position you will be working with a Software Engineering staff that is highly proficient and agile and you will be providing Database Administration and Engineering support for this team. In this position you will have an opportunity to make a difference every day you come to work - we are looking for someone who will seize that opportunity.

This is an Agile/Scrum environment; versatility and adaptability are critical. On a daily basis you will be working with our development professionals to analyze, define, design, code, and verify database structures and code for mission-critical applications and services. These teams will lean on you for your extensive knowledge and background with Oracle databases, general database theory and application, and skills with the full Oracle toolset. You will also be asked to assist with database deployments, troubleshooting database issues (particularly performance problems), managing users, and other daily database tasks.

What you need to succeed:

• At least 5 years experience developing complex, reliable, professional database applications using Oracle PL/SQL and SQL;
• Heavy experience with Oracle 10g/11g;
• A minimum of 5 years experience designing and modeling database objects and actions; will be responsible for gathering input from Scrum Teams and Architects and translating those ideas into robust conceptual and physical data models. Familiarity with modeling tools is important;
• The ability to clearly communicate database issues and technology with software development teams and Architects. Since this position works closely with our Scrum teams. It will be your responsibility to mentor them, guide them, and let them know what is possible with current oracle technology;
• Highly developed skills for troubleshooting and solving database performance problems. This includes the know how to trace database performance issues, identify common and uncommon performance bottlenecks, and tune sql, pl/sql and database objects;
• At least 2 years experience performing Database Administration tasks, such as managing users and privileges, creating and modifying database objects, creating and modifying storage structures, etc. The engineer’s primary source of support for development Scrum teams;
• A mature, disciplined approach to design, development, and deployment. We require teamwork guided by disciplined processes and procedures. Cowboy Coders will not be successful.

How you can stand out from the pack:

• A good understanding of Software as a Service/Service Oriented Architecture and how it relates to Database technology;
• Demonstrated technical experience with Oracle’s E Business Suite;
• A track record of continued professional and technical growth. A demonstrated love of technology and development;
• Linux/UNIX administration skills and experience;
• Professional experience with enterprise class Java development;
• Knowledge and experience with object-relational mapping and tools such as iBatis and Hibernate;
• Experience designing, using and developing XML database applications;
• 2-3 years experience with large-scale e-commerce applications and databases;
• Experience in a Scrum/Agile environment;
• Hands on professional experience with Sql Server, T-SQL, MySql or any other non-oracle database.

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