Christmas Inspired Fashion Tips from Victoria Henley

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Christmas Inspired Fashion Tips from Victoria Henley

Crisp, cool weather, hot chocolate, spending time with loved ones, and our favorite carols ringing through the air, are warm traditions that make the holiday season. However, nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit quite like the myriad of colors that are synonymous with this time of year: bold, vibrant reds of ornaments, towering trees of deep emerald green, and silver garlands adorning doorways. JTV is celebrating the Colors of Christmas, and although you can expect to see the hues that embody the spirit of this special time of year, don’t be afraid to expand your seasonal jewelry wardrobe, with both mainstream and exotic stones in unexpected styles and settings for a truly unforgettable ensemble.

Here are some tips for how to mix and match items from some of our most popular collections, and then how to pair them with both contemporary, trendy looks, and timeless classics in your holiday wardrobe.


braclet stack

Holiday look # 1: Silver and Gold: Silver and gold are not only durable metals which have been prized since antiquity, but they are also the subject of countless Christmas songs, such as the famous homage to the beloved precious metals: “Silver and Gold.” Traditionally, rules such as, “No white after Labor Day,” and, “Don’t dare pair silver and gold,” were nearly law, but in recent years, set “Fashion Do’s and Don’ts” are being steadily broken. The juxtaposition of unexpected metal pairings and the wearing of white clothing during the latter part of the year (now destigmatized and  lovingly branded as “winter white”) are not just merely accepted, but in fact, celebrated.

Moissanite Silver and Gold Pendants0G9A0635GSO863 GSO212M GSO814B GSO771C

How to wear it with style: Pair a simple silver hoop and strategically stacked/layered gold and silver necklaces with sparkling Bella Luce on your pointer and ring fingers. Add on a couple of cigar band gold rings to the thumbs for a more youthful, edgy vibe, and wear with a minimalist, solid color A-Line dress for simple, but stellar statement. 



cover photo

Holiday Look #2: Reds and Greens: Colored gemstones are admired far and wide for their beauty and rich, saturated tones, and when one thinks of famous colored stones bearing the colors of Christmas, Ruby and Emerald naturally come to mind. We all know that rubies are rare and extremely difficult to find (not to mention, costly) in substantive carat weights. We make rubies more accessible and affordable than ever with the Mahaleo Ruby, a trademarked stone exclusively for JTV that uses a process of filling cracks and openings in rubies with lead glass for optimal luster and shine.

wos330-docz467w-djh546ruby braclets


How to wear it with style: Stack Mahaleo ruby rings and Bella Luce pave’ set white diamond stimulants bands, then add in layered chrome diopside bangles, a simple ruby pendant, and inside/outside chrome diopside hoops. Pair this colorful ensemble with a simple LBD  for a holiday look that is sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons. (Side note: JTV is an industry leader in bringing you the finest quality Chrome Diopside, which is relatively obscure to the mainstream markets and free of heat treatment or irradiation. Chrome Diopside is quickly becoming a fan favorite among our customers, and many favor Chrome as an affordable alternative to May’s birthstone, Emerald.) 



Zvonko Markovic-04

Holiday look #3: Black Spinel: We all know that a little black dress is an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe, so think of black spinel as the metaphorical “little black dress” of your jewelry wardrobe. Not only is black spinel durable (an 8 on the MOHs Hardness Scale), but it also rivals the black diamond in appearance, beauty, luster, and brilliance…all while being extremely affordable.

Two Gypsea Souls-21

Two Gypsea Souls-26

How to wear it with style: Metallic tones in semi-formal wardrobe pieces is a huge predicted trend for 2018, and the shimmering styles are taking the current holiday season by storm. However, pairing boldly colored gems and fiery diamond stimulants can be overpowering and ultimately clash with a metallic outfit, so try popping on a tailored black blazer over your glitzy party dress, then layering black spinel necklaces, checkerboard faceted bracelets, and statement rings as you please topped off with black spinel ear climbers, (most of which may be effortlessly flipped upside down for the striking look of a drop earring) for a style statement which will truly captivate the room. 


While the rules of fashion and jewelry have dramatically shifted and changed throughout the years, one rule remains steadfast: have fun! JTV’s goal is to bring the world of fine gemstones and jewelry to everyone, so whether you are a brand new JTV fan or a longtime loyal customer, we want to you to thoroughly enjoy the accessibility of owning pieces you never previously thought possible to posses. We encourage you to savor every moment of mixing, matching, and pairing pieces from our vast array of popular  collections, and whether you decide to step out by matching turquoise with a cocktail dress or donning coral to your annual ugly sweater party, just remember: as long as you wear your looks with confidence and a smile, you will look like a million bucks (without spending a million bucks, might I add!). We hope that you love your new pieces as much as we enjoy sharing them with you, and we are thrilled to add a little sparkle to your holiday season!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Fashionably Yours,

Victoria Henley (On Air Talent)

Instagram @victoriahenley



Victoria Henley
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