Art Clay(Tm) Set Of 2 Fiber Boards Approx 6x6 Inches 0.5 Inches Thick For Kiln Use

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Art Clay(Tm) Set Of 2 Fiber Boards Approximately 6x6 Inches, 0.5 Inches In Thickness. These Boards Are Rigid And Reusable. Made For Safe Kiln Firing Of Art Clay(Tm) Silver. Fiber Board Has A Melting Point Of 3200 Degrees Fahrenheit. Binder Will Darken On First Use. These Fiber Boards Are For Use With The Kiln, Jtv Sku Jst454.

Art Clay(TM) set of 2 fiber boards approximately 6x6 inches, 0.5 inches in thickness. These boards are rigid and reusable. Made for safe kiln firing of Art Clay(TM) Silver. Fiber board has a melting point of 3200 degrees Fahrenheit. Binder will darken on first use. These Fiber boards are for use with the kiln, JTV sku JST454. Jewel School(TM) presents Art Clay(TM)! Art Clay(TM) silver is pure silver in clay form, when fired it is 99.9% pure silver and makes unique custom jewelry pieces. What begins as a lump of clay composed of micron sized silver particles is molded into your desired shape, dried and then carved, sanded or filed. Once this is done the clay is fired, resulting in the silver particles burning away leaving a beautiful piece of 99.9% silver jewelry. Art Clay(TM) is non-toxic and is approved by the ACMI(Art and Creative Materials Institute).

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Fiber Board
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Jewel School

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Nice to have extraGood size, for use in a smaller kiln, but it allows use of additional "plates" instead of having to remove items and reload shelves. December 24, 2011

Age: 50-59

Purchased as a gift: No, it is not a gift.

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